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Yep, I would say that is spot on. I get excited when I see a popular BC game with Games for Gold, bust I usually end up spending an hour downloading it, boot it up a week later, play for 10 minutes and think “neat”, never to revisit it until I need to free up space and spend a split second deciding which one to delete first.


For those sick of the MCC still being broken…

The Xbox One’s list of backward compatible titles has grown by leaps and bounds since the initial wave of games came out in 2015, with nearly three hundred Xbox 360 titles currently supported. Today we’re thrilled to announce four more very special additions coming later this year to the Xbox One back-compat program: Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and Halo: CE Anniversary!

Each of these games will include campaign and multiplayer, and will even support LAN play on Xbox One – including LAN play between Xbox One and Xbox 360! Once released, you’ll be able to pop in your original disc or purchase a digital copy of the game via the Xbox Store and jump right in.

Best of all, once these titles are added to the program, every Xbox 360 Halo add-on map pack in the Xbox Store will be made available for free, ensuring you have everything you need to achieve maximum enjoyment in online matchmaking or custom games. We know this is something you’ve been asking for, and we’re excited to make these map packs available for all players.

We’ll have more details on the release timing soon but in the meantime, join us at RTX Austin 2017 for an exclusive hands-on preview with Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST running on Xbox One!


No Halo 2?


Thanks in advance, guys…


It wasn’t until Halo: MCC that I realized that I really do hate Halo 3’s BR so fucking much.


About time, I can never find anything I need in that damn dashboard unless it’s the last game I played.



LOL. The worlds dumbest “shoe horn”.




It sounded like a cool idea until they got to the part about loot crates

With Xbox’s new Career system, players may soon be able to receive levels based on their time with games, as well different prestige rankings. The new system, Windows Central says, may also provide players with lootboxes full of cosmetic options for an upcoming new avatar system.


The Xbox Game Pass just got a little more interesting…

Sea of Thieves will be the first title available on launch day, March 20th, through the Xbox Games Pass, and that will “follow through with State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, and the rest of our portfolio,” says Spencer. “Not just those games, but our future Halos, our future Gears of War, future Forzas, and other games. Our plan is to launch those to our Game Pass subscribers at the same time they go to retail.”


Well crap, I forgot to cancel my $1 first month and now they got me by the balls. Well done Microsoft, well done.


I’ve been following this story all morning on ResetEra and I’ve got mixed feelings on it.

On the one hand, MS has (almost) no exclusives.

On the other hand, they’ll have to microtransaction the ones they do have to the fullest extent of the law.

So, if you love Halo and Gears and all that… they are about to become even more loot box-centric titles. But, you get them with your Game Pass along with lots of older games. In other words, their first party games are going to be treated as Free-to-play titles, so if you love mobile games… this is the deal for you.


To automatically lump this in with mobile games is a bit of an over simplification, not to mention somewhat presumptive. I think microtransactions can be done right, especially for the ‘‘ casual gamer ‘‘ like me that just wants the experience, but not the perfection. The question is can you refrain from severely hamstringing the experience without asking the player for money that just wants to play the game from beginning to end.

Halo 5 for example had microtransactions for card packs that I never once had any interest in buying and I don’t think the game punished me for that at all. I’m not saying they will do it right, I’m just saying hopefully everyone else can learn from, and will be forced to learn from, EA’s unrelenting greed and change their microtransaction strategy, or they will be eaten alive by the press/community just like BF was.


I’m talking worst case scenario. With hyperbole.

I just remember someone at MS saying they were moving away from single player and towards “Games as a Service” awhile back and… here we are.

It’s a great deal for MS’s first party studios, especially Rare. Instead of getting paid for sales of Sea of Thieves, they’ll just get a big check from MS. Then make up the rest with MTX. My worry with that game was that it was going to be the next Evolve, fun with friends, but horrible with randoms and would die rather quickly. But with a automatically large user base, that game can actually succeed now.

The problem is how third parties and indies will do with this system. Will MS drop off a truckload of money to seal up exclusivity for a bunch of games? How much can they offer them to offset having ZERO day one sales? Can studios actually profit from this system? Or will this further the death of single player games?

It’s definitely going to hurt Gamestop and Best Buy and Target and all those stores.


It’s beginning.

Gameware KG, operator of the portal, told GamesMarkt that all Microsoft consoles have been delisted.

Gameware KG does not understand why one should still sell Microsoft consoles, “which bring zero profit and only expenditure, if Microsoft alone then wants to profit off of the sales of software”. The company from Innsbruck, Austria, has been in business since 1989 and has since had almost 375,000 customers. And Gameware tells Microsoft: “If you want to do business alone, you should do the work alone.”

I know Austria and Germany aren’t the biggest consumers of Xbox products anyhow, but… that was a quicker response than I had imagined.


Halo 5’s story was absolute shit. It’ll need whatever it takes to sell games. That’s the only thing I can currently add.


I’m gonna give the game pass a try. I was gonna buy Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Gears of War 4 anyways. That’s $140 worth of games and the game pass is $120 for the year soooooo…

Plus they have some other games on there like Rise of the Tomb Raider and a few games my daughter likes.