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This is more or less Stadia news, but fits with the discussion here…

This breakdown paints a grim picture…

Here’s a brief timeline of events:

  • March 19th: Google announces Stadia, a cloud gaming service that can instantly stream games to TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; seamlessly swap between them, thanks to a wireless controller that connects directly to Google’s cloud; instantly stream to YouTube in 4K or summon the Google Assistant for game tips with the press of a dedicated button; let viewers instantly play alongside YouTube creators and relive the exact gaming moments they share just by clicking a link (Crowd Play, State Share); offer cross-platform multiplayer with PC and console; allow gamers to share their entire screen with teammates (Stream Connect); and deliver games with advanced graphics and physics that are impossible to offer on consoles today by combining the power of multiple cloud servers.
  • June 6th: Google opens pre-orders for the $130 Founder’s Edition, including a Buddy Pass that will let you bring a friend along for the ride, but also reveals Stadia won’t be a Netflix-style all-you-can-eat subscription but mostly require you to pay full price for games; Google reveals a who’s who of participating game publishers but no killer apps, pointing out that the existing Destiny 2 will be its flagship title for the time being.
  • June 15th: Bungie reveals Destiny 2 on Stadia will be a “closed ecosystem” with no cross-platform multiplayer.
  • July 18th: Stadia’s product director reveals that the wireless controller won’t support wireless headphones for TV play on day one.
  • October 16th: Google is caught adding a disclaimer that you’ll initially have to plug a USB-C cable into the wireless controller to use it with PCs and phones.
  • October 22nd: It turns out your Stadia pre-order won’t necessarily arrive on launch day, because Google isn’t shipping them all at once.
  • October 24th: Google studio lead Jade Raymond admits it “may be several years” before a big game takes full advantage of the cloud.
  • November 11th: Google reveals that only 12 games will be available at launch.
  • November 13th: In a Reddit AMA, Google says that at launch, Stadia won’t give you that Buddy Pass for a friend for the first couple weeks; won’t offer Google Assistant features except asking Google to launch a game; won’t stream 4K or HDR to Chrome PCs; won’t offer any games with key Stream Connect, State Share or Crowd Play multiplayer and YouTube features; won’t work on Chromecast Ultras that weren’t purchased as part of the Founder’s Edition package until they get a firmware update, and more.

Ouch. Some of that stuff I hadn’t even heard about. That just sounds like… a disaster. That is probably the worst “console” launch I’ve ever seen. PS3s and Xbox Ones are looking at the Stadia and laughing.

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The Xbox Series X will include a custom-designed CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture. Microsoft is also using an SSD on Xbox Series X, which promises to boost load times. Xbox Series X will also support 8K gaming, frame rates of up to 120 fps in games, ray tracing, and variable refresh rate support.

8k? Gtfo here. We can’t even hit 4K with any kind of consistency.

What a strange hardware layout for a PC tower…

I was thinking the same thing. Also, my next thought was, “If I were to buy that… where would I put it?” I don’t have an entertainment configuration that would allow for something that tall.


That almost got me to laugh out loud at my desk. Nice work, internet.

Important notes:

  1. It’s a beast
  2. Senua Saga has been in development since before the acquisition
  3. The new controller is slightly smaller with an improved dpad.
  4. The console is about 12" by 6" (I calculated using controllers for scale as given) and can be used vertically and horizontally.
  5. It’s super quiet.
  6. E3 will be huge next year, and their goal is to showcase games first and foremost.
  7. The goal is to be the most powerful and immersive console on the market.
  8. 1000s of games across Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox. All Xbox One accessories work (not sure about 360, sorry)
  9. The new controller can be used with PC and Xbox One too.
  10. You can suspend and resume multiple games at once.

I like how the tradition of making fun on console’s appearance continues:



You can see where I bought a Kinect (Nov. '10) and how that fad lasted until my gameplay time drops drastically in favor of Netflix watching ('12 and '13) and then another drop when I get the PS4 ('14). Also, I miss Game Room. I miss it so much.

AMD Zen 2 CPU @ 3.6-3.8 GHz?

Things is lookin’ real nice.

I’ll wait for the Zen 3.