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Introducing the Xbox One SAD Edition


That price is definitely SAD.

Seriously, if you’re going to release a budget console it should be more than $50 cheaper than your next SKU.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like there have been a bunch of recent sales for the regular One S for $250, sometimes with games bundled in?


You are not wrong.


Definitely should have been $200 then, but I’m not a marketing major.

Also, have a video.


Speak of the devil!


That’s not bright. Releasing a new, bargain console’s price while you are running a sale on the current console at that same price?!?!? I don’t get it.

The reason I care—being the resident Sony fanboy here—is that when this was first rumored, I was thinking I could pick up a nice, cheap XBONE to replace my 360. If the price was cheap enough.

But then I remembered, “Oh yeah. What about all of my X360 discs I have lying around? Do I just throw them away?” So even if the console was super cheap, it would be completely useless for my purpose.

In conclusion, I don’t get this price. Save $50 but lose all of your 360 BC discs.


I wonder if they plan on phasing out the standard S model with the new SAD model.


$15/month Game Pass Ultimate = $180 a year


$60/year Gold + $10/month Game Pass = $180 a year



And you are kind of a sucker for paying full price for gold with all the deals they have throughout the year, so yeah, they have some pretty lame price points over there lately.


How did I not post this GIF in my initial reply?

There. Fixed.


What the… ???

I’m not even sure where to put that news. I guess here.



Sony saw Microsofts game streaming tech and jumped on board? Win win for MS no matter how the next gen shakes out.





This isn’t really news, but it’s a good article.

BTW… how would you like to be the guy that teams with Phil Spencer every week to run strikes in Destiny?