Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)
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I enjoyed this film.Something about Robin Wright in this film gave me the weirdest… sensation in the first few minutes. Can’t really describe it.


Best DC movie in a long time. It gave me back hope that Justice League won’t be a smoldering pile of donkey crap.


Snyder still had his hand heavily involved in Justice League before bowing out, so good luck with that.


The trailers for Justice League just look like CGI garbage all over the screen. I’m worried about that one. Wonder Woman might be the pinnacle of this universe of DC movies.


Cyborg looks like CGI garbage. Why did they put Cyborg in the JL movie??? The rest looks good. I like how they have portrayed The Flash and Aquaman in the trailers. Cyborg… he may ruin the whole thing for me.


I know that the DCAU has been trying to push Cyborg HARD the past few years. I don’t know if I’m being wrong about this… but could be because diversity?


Replace him with John Stewart Green Lantern. Done.




I agree, but DC has been pushing Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern over John Stewart.


That’s because Stewart is boring as fuck.


Jessica Cruz?


Dude, this film rocked. It wasn’t perfect but the stuff that wasn’t didn’t really feel like it hurt it too badly. Gal Gadot is a pretty perfect WW and, honestly, I fucking teared up a few times. Can’t wait to see what they do in the sequel.


Still haven’t seen it. Waiting to finish my basement to watch it on my pre-standard-4K-HDR-non-variable-refresh-rate-over-priced TV I end up buying.