Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)
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Well not an official trailer, it’s enough to start a conversation:

I like the guy, but can someone tell Chris Pine to stop trying to make every movie he is in sound like a cultural keystone?


Stop it, Chris.



They knew what they were doing with that hashtag.


I haven’t watched the Director’s Cut yet but Wonder Woman’s action scenes were one of the few enjoyable things about BvS.

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They knew what they were doing with that hashtag.[/quote]

Armando Huerta. Wonder Woman. Don’t search at work. Bolt-on warning.



Holy goddamn that looks good…


Wonder Woman: The First Avenger



lol @ WW1 aeroplanes exploding in huge fireballs.

But seriously, this already looks better than what DC has been pumping out recently.


Yup. It’s a great trailer. But I’ve been burned on cool DC trailers before -cough- Suicide Squad -cough-

That being said… Day 1.


Of course they’d explode into fireballs. They’re filled with hydrogen. How do you think those clunkers flew?


You’re thinking of the pilots.


Also the Wonder Woman theme is so goddamned good.


So, when they get shot but don’t explode, that’s why they sound like:



I know she stold the show in BvS, which lets admit, wasn’t too hard, but I still would have never thought that a Wonder Woman movie would be the one to get me more excited for a D.C. propety than any other.


Has DC finally done it?


Seeing it Saturday afternoon. Pretty excited, tbh. I think it’s going to be great. DC badly needed something half decent.


My daughter is pretty psyched to see this. I imagine we’ll be going to the theater to see it soon. It looks great!