What Games Are You Currently Playing?

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What Games Are You Currently Playing?
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Blizzcon is in a week and a half. Rumors are that the next expansion is South Seas/Queen Azshara/Old Gods.


Naga please.


Chronic(WHAT)cles of Teddy. DO IT.

I dont know if you saw my PS4 reply to your PM about that game but it truncated your message to “that game looks bad”, I got all huffy and went to reply and saw that it actually said “that game looks bad…ass” then i was all AWWWWWW…Bigdog got a kick out of that.

But seriously, it’s a fun metriodvania with a music note/lexicon mechanic.


The Turing Test was interesting.


Yeah, Tallion has to be one of the most boring ass main characters I’ve ever seen. He’s even worse in Shadow of War, because he has no real motivation like he did in the first game; as trite as his revenge plot was in Shadow of Mordor it was at least something.


Yep, and 4 hours in I realized I stumbled across a game breaking bug where it never presents me with a story mission because I apparently “jumped off the first tower incorrectly”. So yeah, fuck that game.


Alright, I know this source is super lame, but…

GeForce Now is fricken legit! I just played Battlegrounds on Ultra settings on my Mac, w/o a hitch, and got 5th place! This is a game changer. I just hope it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, or get super bogged down once it gets popular and out of beta, but for realz, check it out if you have a Mac, free beta: