What Games Are You Currently Playing?

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What Games Are You Currently Playing?
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What Games Are You Currently Playing?


Latest game I’ve been playing is Left Behind, Last of Us DLC. It rocks!


Nex Machina and Zelda


Wolfenstein: The New Order. Bought it on sale months ago, started first chapter and thought it was lame, finally came back to it and now can’t put it down. Heard the GB crew the other day mentioning how much of a bummer that first level is considering how great the rest of the game is, and now it all makes sense to me.


I just finished The Last of Us and Left Behind for the first time, completed The Goonies pack from LEGO Dimensions, Platinum’d No Man’s Sky, tried Micro Machines World Series, am now playing Ratchet & Clank (dirt cheap right now on the PS Store) and then will head into Mass Effect Andromeda finally.


Titanfall 2, No Man’s Sky and I still play Halo: MCC randomly


How about you, @evens537 ?


The Golf Club 2, FIFA 17, The Division, Warhammer Verminitide


Finally finished Wolfenstein. Bought an 8 TB external HD for my PS4 and downloaded most of my library again, so I have to decide on what’s next.

I hardly touched Mordor, so do I follow the same strat there to get ready for sequel, or should I go back and try to finish Doom? Thoughts?


I’ll vote Mordor.


Finally got the plat in Guacamelee the other night. Very satisfying. Hard mode was challenging enough to feel like a real accomplishment, without being so hard that I ever thought I couldn’t do it.


Been struggling with what to play while I wait for Mario to come out, so I restarted my Shadow of Mordor playthrough now that I have the GotY digital version downloaded. There is a skin that comes with that version that turns you in to a dreadlocked female that I am digging. I never liked the character model of the default generic white dude, so this is actually making it easier for me to enjoy the game, as shallow as that change is.

Anyways, just thought I would bump this bot created topic to share that info…


Destiny 2.

I have Uncharted The Lost Legacy warming up and LEGO Dimensions Beetlejuice doing some other sports analogy thing.


Destiny 2
Mario + Rabbids as filler here and there.


World of Warcraft: Legion




My PS4 is covered in a thin layer of dust…




Plus I started playing Battlefront again at the urging of my son. That’s the greatness of him having his own PS4. Me in one room and him in another on our headsets playing Battlefront together. Not gonna lie, it was awesome. It reminded me of when my dad would play “Star Wars” with me except back then it was with the toys making our own battles. Hello nostalgia.


Almost time for me to rejoin WoW… again. I think I’ve quit about 36 times by now.