Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
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Hmm, not so sure how inside that scoop is


Last one of these TGA reveal videos, since nobody’s up right now and official trailers will drop tomorrow anyways:



Looks alright I guess.


The trailer that played before The Force Awakens:


Eh, no gameplay. I did like that they used “Where Is My Mind” as the music selection, though.


My wife picked that out as well. And was impressed they used The Pixies.


Delayed again, releasing April 26th now.


I’m a little over halfway through Uncharted 2 now and it is 10x the game that Uncharted 1 was. I liked 1, but the sequel is WAAAAAYYYYY better. Can’t wait to play 3. And 4.


Yeah, they really stepped up production for 2 from what I recall. The production continues to improve, but not to be a debbie downer, you do start to see diminishing returns, as you do with any long running franchise.


Yeah, UC2 is definitely the pinnacle of the series.

Although they all have really dumb third acts, IMO.



Also, I finished Uncharted 2 over the weekend. WAAAAAAAAAYYYY better than the first one. After the Witness, I’m hoping to delve into 3. And I don’t mind the wonky 3rd acts of either game… it changes it up a bit.


Man, now all I can see is angry white man with gun, thanks @Threctory!


I can’t stop seeing them vacillate between the two expressions, like Zapp’s in the “death by snu snu” scene:



I stopped watching about 40 seconds in. I want the story to be unknown to me.

I’ve been trained by Batman v Superman that trailers are bad.