Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
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Sorry, that button is only available to those who have finished Castle Crashers. Just trying to control the riff raff.


I’m not watching this, because I read it contains spoilers, but I thought I’d post it for those that don’t care about that kind of thing.


I have a spoiler. Nathan Drake kills an ungodly amount of people while charming us with his witty one-liners and dashing looks.

Ok, enough with the Drake hate, this game is going to be great.


I used to be like you, but I’ve learned to disassociate “Playable Drake” from “Cutscene/Story Drake” as I feel that “Playable Drake” only exists as a way for the general audience to play an action game and not get bored. IMO, the best parts of the Uncharted games are the stories (generally) and playable set-pieces where you’re not really shooting anyone. Everything else in between is just fluff and filler.


For you hype trainers out there:

March 18, 2016


YES. Already preordered the $80 version. I love me some steelbooks, but I dislike me some huge, clunky figures. Sorry $120 version.


There’s hope for you yet.



If you missed the end (And you should have watched the whole trailer!), mark your calendars for December 4th through December 13th. Those are the dates the exclusive Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta will be available to everyone with a copy of the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and PlayStation Plus membership. So be sure you pick up a copy to be able to see what’s in store for Uncharted’s newest multiplayer mode, you can now pre-order either the standalone collection or the newly announced PS4 hardware bundle.


Since we continue to lump The Nathan Drake Collection here, I thought I would post this, probably the most memorable scene for me in Uncharted 2. If you haven’t scene this…scene play out before and plan on getting this collection, I would suggest skipping it, however, as it is quite a spectacle:


I’ve never played Uncharted multiplayer before. Are they fun?


I’ve played about an hour or two in each of the last two and i can’t say it really grabbed me. The shooting isn’t nearly sharp enough to keep me coming back. This one appears to introduce classes which I don’t believe was really in any of the last ones, but still not what I come to Uncharted for. I put Uncharted multiplayer in the same same category as Metal Gear Online, just not why I play those games, but they need some avenue for microtransactions I guess?


Nothing specifically related to Uncharted 4, except one voice where Troy Baker plays Sam Drake talking crap about Nathan Drake, but the rest of this video is pretty priceless as well. This guy is talented, no way around it.

SPOILER WARNING (I THINK): He does play a voice from Arkham Knight and I’m pretty sure he mentions a spoiler. I haven’t completed the game so I can only guess, but just a heads up.


Yeah. What idiot did this? Oh wait…

Anyhoo, I finally decided to take this game out of the plastic wrap this weekend and begin it. I’m not very far, unless these Uncharted games are ridiculously short, but I must say that Blue Point did a fantastic job in upgrading the graphics. It is really quite pretty for an early PS3 game.


Note to self: Hide UI before taking any more scenic photos.

Also, the game is quite fun. I was upset when Lara Croft hopped into bed with Phil Spencer, but after hearing the witty banter between Drake and Sully throughout the first few missions, I won’t miss her at all. This game has the action/puzzle-solving of a Tomb Raider game mixed with the sarcastic humor of an Indiana Jones movie.

Now why did I wait until 2 weeks before Battlefront hits to play this?


I finished Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune last night. As my very first Uncharted game, I have a few thoughts I’d like to share.

First, and most important, suck it, @blackzipper - I beat your headshot score!!! :smile:

Anyhoo… the game is fun and for a remastered, early PS3 game, the graphics are quite good and I enjoyed the story and dialogue. Having said all that, here come the complaints.

I was expecting a Tomb Raider game, but with a witty, male lead. Meaning, I wanted more puzzles and less gun fighting (which, ironically, also rules out the latest Tomb Raider series). I mean, how many people did Drake kill in this first game? It was ridiculous. How is he NOT in prison? I spent more time behind cover than solving riddles. And this leads me to my BIGGEST complaint. I spend all this time in a room solving a puzzle, doing incredible jumps and figuring stuff out using my trusted guide book, but when I finally get the door open and get to a new area… random grunts have beaten me there and start firing at me. How did they get there? How? It kinda took me out of the story during the entire first half of the game.

But things got better towards the end. I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t played yet, but once the story picks up (and you finally figure out what’s going on) the entire rest of the game is fun, hectic and fun. And when grunts are in the next room, it actually makes sense (unlike the first half of the game). I can’t wait to play the next two (but I am hoping for more puzzles) and then Uncharted 4 should be pretty awesome. I don’t think I’ll miss Tomb Raider at all.


  • Witty banter
  • Likable characters
  • Engaging story
  • Fun
  • Pretty locations
  • Will scratch the Tomb Raider itch


  • Not enough puzzles
  • Why are there armed men everywhere? How did they get there?
  • Too much shooting


You must have skipped my spoiler alert:

Which in that case, well done.

@Threctory had a good response to that as well, but he’s too busy collecting his Radaways to chime in.


I had a headshot score??

Pfffftttttttt…I was playing with my eyes closed.


Yeah, that always ruined it for me too. The other thing that bugs me is how much of a bullet sponge those guys are. Other than those two points…great game :smile:


Looks like it got moved up a day to tomorrow, Dec 3rd.:

Gonna be checking it out @DarthSmurfX?


I have no real interest in multiplayer in Uncharted, so I may be playing Jakku instead.


Then how are we gonna get our inside scoop from the front line?