UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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I had no idea the Shinning had a sequel.


So, Toy Story 4 is god damn amazing. My favorite of the franchise and that is saying something. Not only is the story great and funny but it is absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Also saw an advanced screening of Yesterday last week. I really really enjoyed it. Like a happy episode of Black Mirror with a Beatles soundtrack


Oh, Rocket Man is really good too.


We saw Toy Story 4 last night. I agree, it’s very well done. It’s much funnier than previous films.

It’s amazing how far they’ve come. Have you seen the comparisons between the dog in 1 and the cat in this one? I know it’s a 25 year difference, but still cool to see.


The animation is insane in this one. Even the look of the toys. So great.


Stranger Things S3 is awesome so far, 6 episodes in.

The one thing distracting me is Uma Thurman’s daughter sounds and looks just like her mom. LOL.


Damn, Stranger Things S3 was gooooooooood


Ha, I had no idea that was her daughter. But now that you say that, I can totally see it. I’m 7 episodes in digging it so far.


Check out Chernobyl on HBO, if you haven’t yet. It’s very well done. It’s crazy what they put people through for the clean up.


What’s Stranger Things?


I saw the Spiderman yesterday. :+1:

Once you learn the twist at the end, you really start to notice all the slip ups between Fury and Hill.


I guess I need to go see it again.





Still my favorite Marvel movie (haven’t seen End Game for what’s that worth)





No way I’m seeing that abomination in theaters…

Probably won’t see Cats either, but that’s because I don’t really care about musicals.