UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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Started watching the show “I’m Sorry”. Pretty damn funny. It’s a TruTV original series but is streaming on Netflix.


Saw Venom.

I liked it. It’s not a great movie—it’s not MCU-Phase 3-level quality—but it is leaps and bounds better than Suicide Squad and the last Fantastic Four movie. In fact, I’d say the first 3/4s were great. My only issue is that right before the third act, it seems like a big chunk of the movie was cut as one of the characters makes a change of motivations that was completely unearned. And then the climax is… meh. And the during credits scene is cringeworthy. But overall, the movie was fun, had some funny parts and was WAAAY better than what I was expecting. For the record, I was expecting a diaper bin fire, so that isn’t saying much, but the movie was not bad. Worth a rental for sure.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say I’d hate to see this version of Venom appear in a Spider-man movie because I don’t think the two characters would work together, but I’d LOVE to see Tom Hardy’s Venom join the Guardians of the Galaxy (like in the comics). He’d work great with Drax and Mantis.


Overlord tonight!!!


Apparently ~40 minutes were cut from the final edit, so it sounds like Sony being Sony again.


I heard that and it shows. There was literally a line that was uttered near the end of the movie where I was like, “Wait. What??!!?!?” And during the entire end fight scene I just couldn’t stop thinking about how odd this was that we got here to this point with zero explanation. Then the movie gets better again after the last battle.




That must mean it was good?




Yes. Overlord was a blast. Great WWII movie that turns into a great monter movie.


Black Mirror Season 5 to introduce a “choose your own adventure” interactive episode.

Is this just one giant meta ploy on a show that largely deals with the pitfalls of modern tech and social media? If so, it makes this even better.


That’s definitely a reason they are choosing Black Mirror to do it with, but it is a more widespread initiative at Netflix to start rolling out that technology to see if it sticks, which it never has in the past when attempted with other companies. That’s also the reason why the Telltale layoffs only spared the employees to finish their Minecraft interactive show on Netflix. I can see it working for a single ep of Black Mirror, but developing an entire series around it doesn’t seem all that interesting to me.


Hell. Yes. The original creeped me the hell out. This has already done the same.


Hey, another Stephen King movie with a budget. Maybe they’ll actually add the Wendigo from the book this time.



We watched Tully the other night. If you have kids, it hits home on a few things that will make you say “Yep, been there”. Also, it has a twist that I was totally not expecting. :+1:


Yup. Agree on Tully.




Love this poster.


I couldn’t get through the first episode. I’ll try again but not a great first impression.


Yeah, I really enjoyed the first season. And TruTv runs ‘unrated’ (or whatever they call them) versions of the episodes, so no bleeped out cussing and stuff. My only gripe is that Andrea Savage does not have an inside voice. She literally yells her lines regardless of environment (unless she’s whispering, of course).