UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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Finally watched “What we do in the shadows”… wished I had seen it much, much sooner.


Yes. I’m saying this and am not kidding. I’m looking forward to the reboot of Magnum P.I.




Todd Philips released a short video of Phoenix as The Joker. It’s pretty cool. Can find it on RT. Here’s a screenshot of him in the make-up. Kinda digging this look.

EDIT: Can find the camera test here.


Upgrade is a pretty good film. Enjoyed it. I enjoyed the ending a little bit more than my wife did, but still very solid movie.


I was able to get tickets to a screening of Overlord which had me pretty excited. Now I’m seeing some good buzz about the film that has me giddy.


Looks good. Let me know if you like it.


Not sure where to put these so here ya go. More from Phoenix being the Joker.


The fuk…


The Endless was a nice, refreshing movie. A bit slow, but I was entertained. It’s on Netflix.


Look, Ma. I posted a superhero mutant trailer first!


It looks like a—hopefully—better version of X-men 3: The Last Stand. Although they are standing at a grave, so maybe this movie also kills Cyclops off-screen in the first 10 minutes. Then disintegrates Professor X. Along with the franchise.


I saw 3 words from an early review that said it all.

“Catwoman level bad…”





I’m most likely seeing it on Friday, so I’ll let you know if it’s better or worse than Suicide Squad/Fantastic Four. I’ve never seen Catwoman, so I can’t compare it to that.


Good news is it’s up to 33% on RT after starting off at 27%.


There’s no way it’s as bad as or even worse than Catwoman.


Yes! I really enjoyed The Upgrade. I liked the ending. I thought it was fitting.