UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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In case you have been sleeping on this, Xbox just signed up to share their stuff with Movies Anywhere and if you link your account, you get X-men: Days of Future Past for free—arguably the best X-men movie.


I decided to check out the purge movies. They’re exactly what you’re expecting. If you haven’t checked them out and want to, I’d skip the first one.

Purge 2 > Purge 3 > Purge 1

They were interesting enough to make me want to see the latest one, whenever that is available to rent.


Disenchantment kind of sucks…


Well shit. I was hoping it would be at least decent.


Here’s a hot take. The Simpsons kinda sucks so I would expect nothing less. LOL


I mean, Groening or the other OG writers haven’t really had an influence on the Simpsons since Futurama originally came out.

I was hoping for a little bit of that old Simpsons or Futurama to bleed through, but it’s obvious Groening needs a quality team behind him for that to happen.


Have I had too many drinks, or does this actually look kind of endearing?

Sure, premise has been done a million times before, but the wrapping in this seems a little more tolerable than the rest.


Looks like a mashup of Big Hero 6 and iRobot.


Mile 22 - Great action, great Marky Mark, but completely undone by the needless twist in the final 10mins. Like… completely undone. Ugh. Too bad because the action is quite awesome.



Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. Watch it. Now.


What about Meg Ryan tho?


I suggest “In The Cut” for Meg Ryan viewing.


Finally got around to watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople.



Watching Next Gen now with the little one. Just sooo happy to be watching anything other than Spirit right now (although Spirit is a very well written children’s show on Netflix, and the dad is voiced by Nolan North, so that’s fun)


We’ve seen every episode of Spirit at least 5 times.



He was a good fit for Superman, but the writing was never really there to support him.


Casting has never been DC’s shortcoming. Directors, screenwriters, executives rushing the JL, someone to oversee all of the movies, etc… is where they fall short.