UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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Don’t watch if you haven’t seen Split.



Shazam and Aquaman trailers…double dose of LOL


Shazam looks great, not sure what to think of Aquaman.


You mention the trailers without posting them? tsk tsk


I liked both trailers and am hopeful for the films.

I just watched The Endless. I mostly enjoyed it but though it kind of went of the rails, in a good way for the film’s story but also in somewhat not a good way in it’s execution. There are a couple of ‘not what they/it seems’ twists and I think worth a watch, if you can find it cheap. And this is probably one of those where it’s better on the second viewing.


I liked it well enough. It wasn’t ground breaking, but worth a watch.


I liked both Aquaman and Shazam trailers, but I’m more hyped for Shazam now.



Hey. Hey, you. Have you enjoyed The Good Place so far? If so, they have an official podcast about the show and it’s full of tidbits and information and it’s fun and entertaining. You should check it out. But only if you’re caught up…


Shooting will begin in October with a release planned sometime for 2019. Cast members are not yet known.

At this point just write a book. All new characters would be weird. The original cast is a decade older and a few have died.


Don’t care. A movie is coming and so am I…



Watched Extinction on Netflix last night. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s like 3 different movies rolled into one and by the time you become invested in the movie… it’s pretty much over.

If you’re bored, you like Sci-Fi, you love bad CGI… maybe give it a background watch?

Also… how was this film ever going to be a theatrical release in the first place?


Anybody watching Sacha Baron Cohen’s “This Is America” on Showtime? Good Lord. Dude is a genius


I watched Downsizing so you don’t have to.


Too late