UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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This looks goooood.


Yeah, I’m totally into it.



Half way through Brawl and fuck this. Who wants put themselves through this misery? Fuck. I have to finish. Frack you guys (I’m civil now).


Did you finish it? It takes a little bit to get going.


Yeah, I loved it, just felt miserable the whole time.



Anybody watch Yellowstone last night? Damn solid.


Never heard of it.



Well shit, just starting watching this on a whim, but glad I double checked here before I got too far because I was worried I was doing by myself an injustice (pun intended) not reading the graphic novel first. 10:34, no wife or kid, what to watch now? I, Tonya? Throw a bone here, people!


I can’t find my original post with the trailer, but Batman Ninja is utterly ridiculous. 2 head scratches out of 5 feudal shoguns.


It’s super weird and crazy but not completely in a good way. I think I expected it to be more ‘serious’, I guess, with ‘serious anime’ tropes but it’s more of the “WTF anime” vein. I enjoyed it but, yeah, maybe 3 giant castle mechs out of 5 monchichis.


Anyone heard of this film? Finally finished it yesterday after sort of watching it here and there. The writing is a little sloppy and the direction and editing don’t do it any favors. Like, it doesn’t quite accomplish what it sets out to do with the twists and misdirections. It’s still worth watching, I think. And it’s got one of those meta-twists in it that’s actually not completely terrible. The acting is the best part, as well as the look of the film, the era, and the gore. So much gore.






The latest title in the Halo series isn’t for the Xbox. Instead, the long-running military sci-fi video game franchise is getting a live-action television show on Showtime. The show will run for a 10-episode season and Kyle Killen (Awake) will serve as executive producer, writer and showrunner.

I don’t have high hopes this is anything other than a turd.