UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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Well, that’s…different.



The New Mutants were my favorite comics as a kid.




On a side note. MINDHUNTER drops today on Netflix. YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


I’ve been looking forward to that one.


On another side note, this looks pretty damn great:




This is a pretty huge fricken deal, especially with iTunes providing free 4k upgrades. The fact that you can combine all of your libraries and have them available on any of those services, is…unexpected.



Holy shit. Mindhunters…

This show is great.


Holy shit. Sitting here watching the Dodgers on TBS when a commercial for The Alienist came on. I first read the book back in 1995 and loved it.


It takes place in the 1890s and is about a serial killer. It includes a young Theodore Roosevelt as the top cop in NY as well as JP Morgan. The Alienist is the detective who uses new methods such as finger printing and other current day methods.

I remember hearing that the rights to this got bought back in 05-06ish. The sequel to the book, The Angel of Darkness, is great too.


I’m about 5 episodes in on Mindhunter. Good, good stuff so far.


After watching Max Landis on Kinda Funny, I decided to add Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency to our Hulu queue. And then we promptly binged the entire first season in 2 days. I’d recommend this show if you enjoy being completely confused for half the season on what’s going on. It’s quirky and funny and has a lot of interesting characters.


I’m not sure if it’s anywhere else besides Hulu though.

Also, last weekend we binged American Vandal. Highly entertaining.


Holy Schnikes!!! I’ve been wanting to do this: https://www.vudu.com/in_mobile_disc_to_digital.html but didn’t want to have half my movies on iTunes and half on Vudu. Now… I’m probably about to spend a bunch of money.


Did some digging around in regards to this show and read that all the cases are actual cases.

I knew that Ed Kemper was in it just from the trailer as his casting was spot on. He’s the big guy known as the “Co-ed Murderer” who is the first guy they interview. That dude is a trip. I took a criminal psychology course in college and we watched one his interviews. Interesting to say the least.


I was wondering how close this show is to what really happened. I like it even more now.


I started American Vandal. Pretty…pretty…pretty. Pretty Good.

I also stumbled across Big Mouth on Netflix which is a cartoon about kids going through puberty. Start Nick Kroll, Jason Mantszukus, Maya Rudolph, and John Mullaney. Pretty damn funny.


Am I the only one here who watches Fear The Walking Dead? Because that last season was god damn epic. The show is also going to cross over with The Walking Dead. As of now FTWD is taking place in Mexico but some of the main characters are possibly headed for Houston, TX. So a lot of folks are thinking that they will end linking up with Abraham from TWD since his crew was out of Texas before heading east. Timeline wise it makes sense as FTWD takes place years before where TWD is now. Would love to see Abraham and hi crew.


I watched the first season. I’ve been meaning to get back to it based on your glowing praise of season 3 though.

I’m caught up on TWD. I hoping the new season is good. The last couple have been a slog. I think I can only take so much Negan.


Yes. Like TWD, I enjoyed the first season then it sucked ass and I don’t care how good it got afterwards I’ve moved on.