UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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Soooo… no loss really? I mean, I watch all the Marvel/Star Wars stuff in the theaters and then, sometimes, buy them on Blu-ray/digitally to own. And Netflix is soon going to just have original content on it at this rate.


I can’t say you are in the minority with the box office numbers the Marvel/Star Wars movies pull in, but I also know that theater ticket sales have been on the decline since 2002. I wouldn’t just shrug this off as no big deal, as this inevitable future of more streaming services than there are cable channels sucks for cord cutting, non-theater, non-blu-ray owners like me, and a good chunk of the rest of 'Merica.


Yeah. I guess, if anything, it’s making Netflix look less and less attractive. I remember when we first cut the cord and had Netflix and Hulu. We watched almost everything on Netflix and OTA, with a little bit on Hulu. Now we watch almost everything on Hulu with very infrequent OTA stuff (CBS/CW) and Netflix only when Hulu has run dry of content. I hate that CBS has it’s own service; now Disney.

At least I’ll be saving money on my internet soon.


Can’t say I can blame them though, they have had the top-grossing movie for the past 6 years and counting:

2012 - The Avengers
2013 - Iron Man 3
2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy
2015 - Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens
2016 - Finding Dory
2017 - Beauty and the Beast

People will obviously pay to see their content.


It’s disappointing. Who wants to subscribe to yet another streaming service? It would have to be incredibly cheap for me to consider it.



Prediction. Lucasfilm is developing a live action Star Wars show and it will launch this service as a way to land a shit ton of charter members.

If the price point is ok I’ll buy it. Here’s why. Over the last few years most of the stuff I have seen in the theaters or bought has been Star Wars, Disney, Pixar, or Marvel related. Take the cost of that and it is probably the same as the service not to mention the sports content.


We currently subscribe to:

Amazon Prime (which we primarily use for shipping, honestly)

And during football, I subscribe to Sling. If these services just keep breaking down like this, it’s going to be pointless to keep up. Even Young Justice is going to be on a DC streaming service, and no longer on Netflix. So now add Disney and DC doing their own thing. This might suck in the long run.


Right now we just pay for Netflix.

But we use my in laws Amazon Prime and HBO. Plus I have access to a Plexus server that a friend puts all sorts of stuff on.


Marvel and Star Wars standalone streaming services are still being considered, says Disney

Fuck no


So Google exists but can someone explain how Sling works?

I just got a really cheap deal with Comcast that cuts my bill by 2/3rds for faster internet and HBO (hurray, the Wire, Sopranos, Leftovers, etc) but really, really barebones actual channels. Like 15-ish channels barebones. I don’t miss wasting my nights watching reruns of films and shows that I’ve seen a million times that came with a much better cable package but I don’t even have FX, TBS, etc and would rather not go through other…efforts…to watch new episodes for staple shows on channels I previously had.

So, Sling. How much? What do I get? Can I PS4? Etc, please and thank you.


Sling is divided into a couple of tiers - the two main ones are Sling Orange and Sling Blue.

Both have different channels - I think they share a few of them, but for the most part, its like having two different “cable packages” but a la carte, so to speak. Orange is $20 a month, Blue is $25 a month. If you get both, it’s $40, not $45.

The Sling Orange service offers 30 channels including ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC, CNN, HGTV, and more. The Sling Blue service offers 40+ channels like FOX, NBC, regional sports (geographic restrictions apply), NFL Network, FX, and more.

I add on the Sports Package for $10 which gives me NFL Redzone. If I remember correctly, I did Sling Blue and Sports for $35 a month. Blue will include NBC, NFL Network and Fox, which are the primary ones for football. I was shit out of luck for Giants games on ESPN unless I did a trial service for a week on a bootleg email.

I was also able to catch some of the Twitter games through the web browser as well. I use Sling on the Xbox, so I believe you can use the PS4. Sling DOES have an option to play back SOME of the episodes of SOME of the shows, but not much really. However, if you have the PS4, you might want to compare Playstation Vue to it.

I primarily use it for NFL games, NBA games, and rewatching some Tru TV. Maybe another thing or two. I usually only subscribe between Sept - Feb


I wish this would deter all these streaming services to go lone wolf, but also… what the fuck is Seeso?


Ehh, I thought it was just so-so.


Thanks, dude. I’ll compare with Vue and most likely go with one of the services,



Did anyone watch season 1? Is it any good?


I heard things.



So, I think I’m going with Vue. I like the channel lineup and the features better and Sling is not compatible with my PS4, which I’m going to use until I get a Roku or whatever at some point.