UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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So you lose Elba but you gain Boyega? Hell yes.


I’m not sure if I’m totally digging Bright because I already love the Shadowrun universe and if I didn’t I’d think this was Cowboys vs./& Aliens.

Regardless, I’m all about it and Ayers, if nothing, can shoot interesting looking cop movies in LA/SoCal.


Looks like @CodSteaks has another movie to add to his Must Watch list.


Is there some hard rock/nu metal in that trailer? I bet there is.




Took the boy to go see Dunkirk last night. It was sold out as was Planet of the Apes so we decided to give Valerian a shot. Big mistake. What a shit show. It looks amazing but the rest of it was just awful. We ended up leaving half way through and sneaking into Spider Man even though we’ve both seen it.



Whelp. That sucks.


Of course Valerian is a good-looking garbage pile, it’s directed by Luc Besson.


Its too bad. He early stuff wasn’t perfect but really promising. I thought his career would mirror danny Boyle;s or at least Guy Ritchie.


So I guess Captain. Marvel is set in the 90’s and the Skrulls will be in it? Maybe we’ll see a version of the Super Skrull, even without F4 in the MCU…?


Oh shiiiiiiiiiit!


Ready Player One looks really cool. I’ve watched that trailer 3 times and catch something new every time.


Also there’s no way the movie can be any worse than the book. Might be worth a $5 early morning watch just to catch all the references.


Fuck yeah! Am I the only one on the Iko Uwais hype train? Just saw Head Shot on Netflix recently and it was awesome. Anyone not familiar with him should at least see that and find some way to see The Raid. The second Raid movie had awesome scenes but wasn’t as tight a narrative as the first.


I liked the book, while fully acknowledging that it’s not Shakespeare or anything. I’m interested but concerned for the movie.


Saw Free Fire last night. Loved it.


Just started watching Veep and finished the 1st season. Really good. Funny, cringey, and surprisingly tense. IFrnakly, as much as I’m liking it, I’m glad its only a 30minute show. Not sure if i could handle an hour of it at a time but more importantly I can burn through the seasons at twice the speed. Just got HBO with this new package and I gots a lot to catch up on.z


The Leftovers
Silicon Valley
Big little Lies
West World