UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
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I know I’m about ten years late on this one, but I finally watched Deadwood. I really liked it, especially Ian McShane’s character, but why didn’t anyone tell me they never finished it?!?!

I read somewhere that they’ve been thinking about wrapping it up with an HBO movie, but it sounds like that’s been floating around for a while. I’d take a book at this point.



Whatever happened to that SHIELD Agent Bobbi spinoff I heard rumors about?


It’s not going to happen. It got canned.


Well fuck.






That really sucks.

But then this came out today:


Do Labyrinth next! Oh wait… crap.


I’m not sure if this is a Sony/Marvel partnership and fits into the MCU, or a solo Sony gig. I’m hoping for the former.


Definitely a better casting choice than Topher Grace, but I still give zero fucks about Venom being in anything.


Keep hoping.


Fun Fact: I read Civil War 2 over the weekend and I just learned that Venom is one of the current members (as of that storyline which is pretty recent) of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Sooooo… I’d love to see the Spider-man universe mixed with the Marvel Universe so we can see some Venom/Drax banter down the line.


This is probably going to suuuuuck but I can’t wait. LOL. Love me some Tom Cruise.



Anybody watch Masters of None? Started S2 last night and it’s very solid.

Oh, also started S2 of Love over the weekend and it too is damn solid.


Master of None - I watched S1 but haven’t started S2 yet.


Yes, please.



I’m not the only one looking forward to this? Might not be able to see it in the theater, but I’m still looking forward to it.