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Yeah, I had that too.


Probably something to do with all the plugins I had to disable last update. I’ll try to get around to a clean update soon. Please don’t mass exodus and start a reset forum in the meantime.


I’ve started Go there if you don’t want to deal with this bullcrap. We even have working spoiler tags.


In case any of you don’t know this already, but Kinda Funny is doing a showcase this Saturday to fill in the huge gap left by Sony abandoning PSX this year.

Around 63 games:

And here’s what’s confirmed through them and tweets:

PSVR Announcements

At least two titles for the Vita (!): gameovergreggy “I currently have two games for the #KFGShowcase that are listing Vita as a platform.”

A Smash Bros. Ultimate Afterparty!

Confirmed locks:
-Mini-Mech Mayhem (PSVR) from FuturLab (Velocity 2X)
-Adams Ascending from Parable Worlds
-Double Cross from 13AM Games
-Desert Child from Akupara Games
-2 games from Noodlecake Games (Super Stickman Golf)
-YIIK from ACKK Studios
-Turbolance from Turbolance
-Long Gone Days from Bura (based in Santiago, Chile)
-Aftercharge from Chainsawesome Games
-ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove from Humanature Studios release date announcement
-Wraith Games
-Drinkbox Games (Guacamelee, Severed, Mutant Blobs Attack)
-Mike Bithell (Volume, Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular)