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With the demise of Gametrailers, which I used to watch/listen to daily at work, I’ve been on the hunt for new gaming personalities to follow. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Kinda Funny.

They have a Playstation-centric show called PS I Love You XOXO, which is quite good. Most of these guys came from IGN and I applaud them for leaving, since I hate that site with a passion and they seem to be doing quite well. And Greg Miller recently won Trending Gamer and you should watch his acceptance speech.

I tried Total Biscuit (when he had Kyle Bosman and Brandon Jones as guests) and Funhaus. I did not enjoy either of them.

Some of the GT staff have Twitch accounts now, and Huber Hype is probably the best one currently. I recommend the Street Fighter V launch party:

And just today, I discovered… this.

A muppet playing Diablo. It’s actually not terrible.

So… who do you watch? Which reviewers do you trust the most? Which sites do you visit? I will not judge you if you say PewDiePie. Much.


That was a good acceptance speech. The only exposure (you will get the pun in a second) I have of Greg Miller is generally when he’s a guest on Giant Bomb, and I have to say, he has kind of turned me off with how hard he tries, but that was a long time ago (E3 2014 in this case)…

And he was obviously inebriated beyond belief, so I will let it slide. I’m sure it comes to no surprise to any of you, but the only personalities I really follow are the Giant Bomb/Best guys, which I know they can be very cynical, but I have actually liked Giant Beast a lot more recently as they aren’t nearly as predictable as the team in San Fran.

A little off topic, but does anyone ever use/visit YouTube Gaming? I remember the announcement a while back, but I kind of forgot it existed. It seems like a decent way to find content. My problem with Twitch, is that since I don’t really follow certain streamers, except Man Vs. Game, he’s pretty good, I usually end up flipping through channels and hating 99% of what I find. Most of the streamers are just annoying and I can’t stay tuned for more than a few seconds before I’m forced to change it.


I tend to watch channels more than streamers.


I highly recommend these guys. They get the Official Darth Smurf X Seal of Approval—which is essentially a post-it note with a crude drawing of poop emoji, but still… my approval.

I’m in the process of watching their debut 12-hour stream and they make all the games they play look incredible, especially SFV and Smash Brothers. Their Jack Pack portion made me want to buy the game which I’ve stupidly passed on every time it’s on sale.


I’m not a fan, nor have ever played, D&D. But watching/listening to these guys fumble through it in their show Tabletop Escapades is hilarious.

Rollin’ out the 20s.

Episode 2: (but I’d recommend starting from #1)


I’m a celebrity again. On the latest Cup of Jones from EZA (you can only view the video if you are a Patreon subscriber), I had my question answered (at the 8-minute mark):

It’s in reference to me submitting a logo for them that they said they enjoyed, but needed to get some release papers in place for people to sign before they can move forward on anything. Here’s my creation:

I designed this logo weeks before they announced that the name of their second podcast is called, “Frame Trap.” Which you can view here:


So, I just discovered this:
Pockets Full of Soup

It’s a new webshow that interviews, I’m assuming people in the gaming industry, and is not about games, but about themselves personally. The first show is a tear-jerker. Like, going through -some- of the stuff Greg Miller went through gave me some inside perspective, but not quite to that extent. So, maybe it’s just a tear-jerker for me. At any rate… very cool idea for a show.


I like the Bombcast, but Jeff Gerstmann gets on my nerves. I appreciate being confident, and like Colin Moriarty for that very reason, but there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. That is all.


That’s what staring into the abyss that is games journalism for almost 20 years will do to a person.


Yeah, I think the Beastcast is much better, but believe it or not, Vinny is kind of getting on my nerves. His dumb Dad routine is kinda getting old for me. I love the guy, but he needs to tone it down just a bit. Bakalar makes up for every downfall though. They just need to put him on payroll already.


I’ve always enjoyed listening to John Davison on podcasts. He tends to look at things from an “inside baseball” perspective, which I like.

He’s starting a new site, Glixel. I hope they do a podcast eventually.


Something new is coming.

Live with YouTube Gaming Premieres Thursday, Sept 29th at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

Join Geoff Keighley and your favorite YouTube creators like Nadeshot, iJustine, MatPat, iHasCupQuake, and more for video game world premieres, musical performances, and a look at what’s next on YouTube Gaming.


Ha, those are some great satirical AOL screen names they chose to use for this skit.
Oh wait, those are real?


@Threctory posted the portion of this broadcast that talks about No Man’s Sky, but the entire show is done really well. And it features one of my favorite personalities. No… not Angry Joe. Kyle Bosman in a new segment called Dear Bosman, which is very reminiscent of his old Final Bosman shows he did for GT. The link above also has time stamps if you want to jump around.


Nice, I’ll have to check it out over lunch. I don’t know all y’all’s opinion on him but I actually like Geoff Keighley. I know the internet generally enjoys taking a dump on him, but he’s a dude that seemingly knows his shit when it comes to games and game development.

Angry Joe on the other hand… lol.


I like Geoff. He really has a passion for the gaming business and supports it with shows like this and the Game Awards.

Angry Joe on the other hand… lol.




I don’t get it.


Nobody understands Mr. Miller. I’m assuming that’s his pale, hairy gut at least?


Yo, so there’s something on this page that’s autodownloading some file with ‘TwitchPlayer’ in the filename.