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Marking Slovakia report papers?


Nah, I’ve been balls deep in Far Cry 4. I don’t multitask well, if I get in to a game I stay pretty focused on it until I’m done.

Speaking of which, anyone want a download code to play a little Far Cry co-op? I can send one to you, there are a couple co-op trophies that would be cool to get. Also, if anyone else got Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell when it was the PS+ offering, I wouldn’t mind having a co-op session to get that trophy. It’s just for time spent in co-op, so we could just leave the game running for a while. No biggy on either, I don’t mind anymore if I don’t always 100% a game, but thought I’d throw it out there.


I envy you, my friend, I envy you.


@CodSteaks I can get on tonight but not until 10:30ish if you want to run through a mission or two.


I’ll probably be on. May not be able to run for long, though.


God damn it this game. Seriously has gotten so good since the last update. The new “Survival” DLC is grrrrrrreat. I’ll record and post my next run with it. So tense.

Also heard they are working on a PvE Dark Zone as well.


@CodSteaks Why come you no join last night?


Got the invite just before I was about to log off. Ran to a collectible on my map and I was done. Some nights I might have joined anyway, but gotta keep the wife agro down. :wink:

Sorry, usually I make it a point to let people know why I’m not responding to an invite. Next time!


Yep. Still love this game.


I am curious from someone that is a strong believer that you can play games simply to have fun and it’s as simple as that, if you had a gun to your head and had to choose one reason you keep playing The Division from the following choices, what would you pick? Top choice being category, then have to choose one of the bottom two choices below that.


This is a tough one so I’m going to go top to bottom with most important.

  1. Social - I now have some long time friends playing this and they just picked it up a few weeks ago. I have been telling them for the last year that it’s the most fun I’ve had in a co-op game since L4D but nobody was biting. Now that they are playing it they are playing 3-4 times a week. Aside from that I’ve met numerous folks playing this game by just simply talking to randoms in the Dark Zone as well as The Underground and Survival. There is a good community forum as well.

  2. Immersion/Creativity - I love the environment that has been created here. The story isn’t forced on you and is told in a neat way. Aside from that the plot is really not that far fetched and so simple it’s brilliant. The world that you play in is incredibly detailed. People have dark conversations in dark corners, dark favors are exchanged for food and supplies, memorials around base camps are quite touching, something as simple as kids playing patty cake in a safe house it startling, the video feeds you can access are often horrifying as are the distress calls you can listen to. It’s great theater of the mind. Or if you need visuals you can always find the bodies of fallen soldiers strung up around streets to mark enemy territory.

  3. Action - All the above would be nothing with out the action. Sure, it gets recycled at times but even when it does it’s still top notch and when you are playing with a group the AI accounts for that and sends more at you and makes it more difficult.

  4. Achievement - You actually have to get a lot done to fully advance your character so in a way it forces you into collecting and achievements.

  5. Mastery - Meh, good to go either way. Not much to master unless you really want to be good at the PvP aspect of things in the DZ but even then it’s pretty straight forward.


I appreciate the well thought out answer. For Social it sounds like you lean much more towards the Community than Competition side of things. Not to hijack the post, but do you think that’s a big part that’s missing in Battlefront? Not a real sense of community anymore, or is that a completely different beast?


I’ll reply in the Battlefront thread.


Here’s some Dark Zone fun from the other night. Had a good run in there.


Here’s a somewhat edited version of my first successful Survival run from the other night.

You and 21 other agents are placed on the outer edges of the game map and must reach the Dark Zone, middle of the game map, and find an antiviral and extract it. But you have the bare essentials when you start as in normal clothing and just a pistol. To top it off you are infected and have 1 hour to live. You can delay the infection by finding pain killers or meds in shot form and taking them. But the more you take the less it helps. You can also suffer from dehydration and hunger. Also, because you have basic clothes and this takes place in a blizzard you can freeze to death. To stop this you must forage for fabric to upgrade clothes, search apartments for better clothing items, or find a fire barrel to warm you up. You can also find weapon parts and other tools and items to craft better weapons and health kits.

In order to get into the Dark Zone to find the antiviral you must first craft 2 filters for your mask.

It is a game of luck, patience, and product management. This one was done PvE so any other agents on the server I came across could not kill me. There is a PvP option as well where agents can kill each other in an attempt to steal their supplies. But it’s a risk/reward situation.

Anyways, hope you enjoy. I love this game mode.


I didn’t watch all of your video, so maybe this was shown in there, but…

Is there any co-operative elements or the ability to help others in survivor PvE ? Are rewards based on how many agents survive, or is it more of a solo experience ?


There are some co-op aspects to it.

All gear that you find can be shared. I have at times traded some painkillers or a bottle of water for a warmer jacket or traded a AR for a Shotgun if I already an AR that I liked. You can also help each other in combat or revive a fallen agent if you feel inclined.

You can even bring your group in as well and you will all awaken in the same safe room. This is where it gets tricky. If you travel as a big group you need to know that items such as tools, weapon parts, and electronic parts cannot be shared. So if I see a crate and open it and get said parts and take them then the crate is empty for everyone on the server. Sometimes this is a good way to track other agents paths too if you start finding a string of empty crates then you know somebody has been through the area.

So eventually you’ll have to break away from the group in order to not slow anybody else down as your infection timer is ticking. It’s not uncommon for a solo runner to make it to the Dark Zone but it is rare, at least in my experience, for a group to make it that far and still be together.

The real trick is managing this in a PvP situation. I’ve come across fellow agent who I’ve helped just to have them shoot me dead 30 seconds later so they can take my gear. I’d be lying though if I said I haven’t done the same thing. In PvP if you come across a downed agent you have the option to revive or kill. I usually revive them and for the most part they just say thanks and take off running. But knowing that the closer you get the Dark Zone the likely hood of them having a lot of gear and weapons is high it makes it real hard not to kill them and take their stash.

As far as end game rewards go you get stuff based on the following.

How long you lasted

How far you progressed ie: Did you build your filters, reach the Dark Zone, find the antiviral, craft your flare gun for extraction, call in extraction, what kind of gear you had on you when you died, did you find weapon caches to extract etc etc.

If you do extract you get to keep any caches you found along the way as well as the normal high end gear you are rewarded for finishing. The caches are sealed until post game so it’s a mystery as to what you get.

The game is a constant balancing act which makes it great.

I’ve had some games where I start off finding a ton of great gear and weapons and then get over confident and end up lasting only 10mins. I’ve had other game where I don’t find anything good until 45mins in and have had to sneak around the whole time. You have to be able to adapt to the situation and mold your gameplay based on what the map gives you.


My trouble connecting seems to be getting worse and worse. I went online the other night and saw a suggestion saying if you unlink your PSID on ubisoft’s website it will allow you in and you just have to link it again from inside the game. Did that, bam, got right in. Tried it the next time, made no difference. I just sit at that first connecting screen after the seizure warning and the Ubisoft logo and don’t even get to character select. After a few seconds I pretty much know it won’t connect and I’ll close the game down and try again, but I’ve tried half a dozen times or more some nights and just get fed up. It used to seem to help if I started the game by joining someone’s session, but even that isn’t so consistent anymore.

I saw one suggestion online saying to call my ISP and suggest a static IP address. Would that make any sense?


I can’t help you there.


A lot of times the Dark Zone can be a fickle whore doused in paranoia. Last not it was a damn jack pot with a hint of paranoia. I’ll get some video together later and post it.