Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division
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Looking forward to it! Hoping it’ll be in my mailbox today when I get home.


If you get it fired up tonight I’ll be around playing with my other character. Just shoot me a party invite when you are ready and I can walk you through some stuff and we’ll get the ball rolling.


Still haven’t seen it. Hopeful for tonight.


If you get it and will be on tonight post in here. I’ve got basketball until 9:30 central tonight. But I can be on around 10 and will play.


Can’t wait for this to hit PS4 on the 20th.


Got it yesterday. Between downloading the 13gig update and going to bed a bit early I didn’t have time to play it yet, but will be on tonight for sure.


That’s right. I keep forgetting you go to bed at like 8pm.


Chil’uns wear me down, man.


@CodSteaks you down for some co-op tonight?


I am down, assuming it works for me. The other night I tried again before I went to bed and right after booting it up and having it crash on me again, I hit the button to join your session and it let me in. No clue what that’s all about.


That’s weird that it is crashing. Does it give you an error code and ask you to report a problem?


Yeah, the generic application crash error (CE-34878-0). It happens right after the seizure warning during the initial login screen, before getting to character select. Almost seems like corrupted save data, but I looked and can’t seem to find any save data on my system. Guessing it’s all server side which is why you’re logged in before you can even select anything.




Looked it up and it PS4 software error. Search the code and you’ll find lots of links on how to solve it


I did restart the system, no change. Deleted, reinstalled, reupdated the game, no change. I did not try reinstalling the system software. Has anyone done a backup of their PS4 data? I saw an option for it in the settings menu, just wondering if they compress the data or not. I have a flash drive but it doesn’t have anywhere near the space for all the data from the PS4. Obviously a lot of it can be redownloaded or reinstalled or whatnot, but a direct copy and drop would be a lot easier. Just wondering how that works if anyone’s done it.


I don’t believe you can move/copy game installs over, just media and save files. Having PS+ also allows you to backup saves to the cloud IIRC.

EDIT: Found a possible solution. Try restoring your licenses. Settings -> Account Management -> Restore Licenses. People are also saying to keep trying to launch the game, that it finally loads after about 5-10 crashes.


That’s about how many times it crashed for me, maybe it’s just done. I think that Restore Licenses deal was what I was hunting for the other day, couldn’t remember where to find it. I remember using something like that in the early days of the PS4 to correct some error or another.


Glad to see you were able to get back in. Forgot how much fun some of the games missions are and how hard it is to travel from place to place without getting sidetracked by everything under the sun. It’s a dangerous black hole where time just disappears.



Coop tomorrow night? What level are you now? I might have some catching up to do.


Never mind. Forgot I had a thing.