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Gotcha. Don’t know as of yet.

But I’m sure a level cap increase would be in order to help out.


Yes, and that’s the part about MMOs that I like. That’s not something I’m nitpicking or have a problem with. We all understand that part of this game.

[quote=“Jango, post:99, topic:156, full:true”]
At times it leans very heavy in PvE and other times it can swing PvP but you have the option to just leave the area and not partake in the PvP.[/quote]
It’s this that I don’t like, when playing an MMO or MMO-like.

“If you don’t like PvP, just leave the area.” The end game area where you go to get the best loot? The area the game directs you to after leveling up?

Technically, you could never go rogue or have someone go rogue against you but the threat is constant. You can’t turn that off. I don’t really want that when playing a game, which is why I didn’t do PvP in Guild Wars or any other MMO.

And if the solution if you don’t like that aspect is to leave the area, then what else is there to do? Is there another way to get high level loot? Are there raids to farm, like in Destiny, if I don’t want to do Trials? Does the game give any other options other than leaving an area that you need to be in to get loot when engaged in PvP? I’m seriously asking because if there is, I’m back on board. Otherwise, it’s not for me. And let’s be clear, that’s not a personal attack on anyone that does enjoy that.


You could make a wet dream stressful


A stressful wet dream is still a successful wet dream.



Call of Duty MMO.


This article at Kotaku talks about the issues the DZ currently has and the irony is that it actually skews in the opposite direction of the concerns I had about it. Basically, the risk/reward for going rogue is skewed far enough away from being rewarding that nobody is doing it. It’s completely not worth it because dying has a high penalty to it and, even if you do go rogue, you currently don;t stand a chance of making it out. In fact, people are actually working together and basically eliminating any tension and danger that the DZ is supposed to have. Which has now created the issue of people jumping in your line of fire, forcing you to accidently go rogue. And since this is the end game, and there’s literally no other PvP, people are pissed.

I don’t really find this funny, as people shelled out money and it’s just not delivering in that aspect. What I do find humorous is the way this non-delivery went. I would’ve bet everything that it would’ve been a shit show in DZ and they;d have to make a bunch of changes in that way. But maybe they knew that too and went the conservative route…which hasn’t worked out either.


The people who are mad probably did zero research about the game. Thought it was well known that there was no arena style PvP, no?

Its the same fools who bought Battlefront and were shocked that theres no campaogn. Morons. All of them.


Just sounds like a balance issue to me. I’m sure it will take many iterations just like Destiny did/is doing to get it where it needs to be.


Dude, you’re completely missing the point. I never said they’re complaining about lack of arena PvP specifically and on it’s own, and the complaining I am talking is from people who are playing the game. The end game DZ PvP is unbalanced and basically not playing the way its supposed to. “Going rogue” was played way up but, at this point, it’s mostly pointless to do so because the reward isn’t nearly worth how much you’re punished when you do so and die.

“And since this is the end game, and there’s literally no other PvP, people are pissed.”

Meaning, if the DZ PvP were this farked but there were other forms of PvP, it would be less of an issue for people. Because there’s literally other PvP things they could be doing while the DZ is fixed/changed/whatever. But, there isn’t anything else to do in that regard, so it’s understandable that people are upset that the endgame and major part of the game isn’t working the way it should be.


The part that looked a little more concerning to me were players trying to game the system at the expense of others. There are always going to be ways to exploit an online game, but when the most effective ways to exploit the PvP involve jumping in front of random fire in the hopes of getting killed, that’s when red flags start going up. Those are opinions from someone who has never played the game before, and they are strictly going off the article that was linked (which I read, unlike some others cough, cough). Once again, I’m sure rebalancing can alleviate many if not all of those problems.

It’s odd, as much hate as I first expressed for this game, I am finding myself rooting for it. While I still think the game basically boils down to pointing a cursor at something and pulling the trigger, all of the problems that I hear people reporting seem to come from Ubisoft making decisions to not follow the norm. The collision detection being one. I hate MMOs where you simply walk through everyone, but I understand why they are designed that way, as I’m sure many Division players are finding out as well. I just would rather a money making machine like Ubisoft take the time to solve those problems instead of just following the norm.

I see this Rogue system as another example of that. They are finally trying something different, and it is going to have it’s growing pains, but I would much rather they learn from their mistakes instead of just avoiding them. It’s going to piss a lot of people off along the way, but they have to understand that this is a brand new genre and everyone putting down $60 to experience that are the early adopters whether they like it or not.


A good comparison, and one that you made, Rewfus, is to vanilla Destiny. While you shouldn’t have to necessarily appease the people that race immediately to the end game, people’s gripes with this game parallel Destiny’s. And both gripes are completely valid. Some things that seem super obvious but get lost in the tunnel vision of development (the blocking the doorway thing) are annoying and shouldn’t be issues that but are easily (and hopefully quickly fixed) fixed so no biggie. But running into basically lack of content issues this early (and equally early in Destiny) shouldn’t exist within a finished product. The pragmatist in me knows you can’t develop games infinitely. They have to be released at some point…a big reason, especially for games as big as this, is because you have start generating revenue. The cynic in me knows that they know that releasing the game in this state is mostly irrelevant (especially for a new IP) to sales because the consumer most likely doesn’t know its state, or doesn’t care, and it doesn’t matter anyways because they’ve already bought the game. People will stay for future content or not but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is where the game goes from here because there will be a sequel and everything from this point is leading to that. So the content will come, and this game may turn out great. I hope it does. Like Destiny. And, like Destiny, it’s perfectly appropriate to bitch about it’s the state of a $60 that that hasn’t quite delivered.

Having londwindedly said that, I think this game is in a much better place than Destiny was at the same point. It’s literally been a week since release. I’m sure part of it was watching Destiny go through it all first, and essentially laying out a game plan, but mostly because the game only needs a few tweaks to see what it really has. Destiny was pretty transparently lacking content immediately and needed basically a completely rebuilt gear and leveling system and massive new content to get good. Division is just locked away behind a lacking decision (regarding risk/reward) and a few tweaks to get to what seems like some really engaging stuff.

It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens.



Yes, I missed your overall point. My bad.

But people are still morons.



Reverse firefighters.


Over on its official blog, Ubisoft has revealed that the first of two free content updates (dubbed “1.1) for The Division will drop on April 12, and as expected, will add a new endgame activity for those already at level 30. Not only that, but a host of new features will be introduced as well.

The first Incursion, titled Falcon Lost, is set in a completely
new, underground water-treatment facility that’s been turned into a
stronghold for the Last Man Battalion. The Incursions update also
includes the following changes and additions:

• New gear is a vital centerpiece of Incursions, which introduces
four rare gear sets: Sentry’s Call, Striker’s Battle Gear, Path of the
Nomad, and Technician’s Authority. Each set is meant to bolster a
specific play style; Sentry’s Call promotes consistent precision,
Striker’s Battle Gear is for assault-focused players, and so on. Finding
and equipping four pieces from a single set unlocks a new,
never-before-seen talent for your Agent, which the developers aren’t
revealing yet.

• Agent level is still capped at 30, but your gear score can
boost your abilities beyond your level, and are touted as a new way of
leveling up for top-level players.

• Loot trading is now possible; if you get good loot, you can now
drop it on the ground and make it available to other players. In the
Dark Zone, you can only drop loot inside the Dark Zone gate.

• Assignments are new tasks – killing 10 Cleaners, for example –
that are meant as brief, optional side goals that update daily and can
earn you Phoenix Credits, Division tech, and other rewards.

• Supply drops will periodically fall from the sky in the Dark
Zone, giving you and other groups something to battle over. They’re also
protected by tough enemies, but the loot doesn’t need to be extracted,
as it’s uncontaminated, and can’t be stolen once acquired.

• When your Agent dies, you can now camera-follow your teammates, seeing what they see and offering tactical support.

• Falcon Lost has two difficulties: Hard mode, which is
recommended for players whose gear score is equivalent to level 31; and
challenge mode, which is even tougher. Also, there aren’t any
checkpoints in Falcon Lost; if your team goes down, you’ll have to
restart from the beginning. Additionally, you can replay Falcon Lost and
other upcoming Incursions as many times as you want and still be
rewarded with new loot.

• Enemies can now employ drones, aerial enemies that will be
tricky to hit. You’ll also be pitted against an armored personnel
carrier, which acts as a boss and is impervious to bullets, forcing you
to find another way to deal with it.



Right now, you can upgrade materials with following exchange rate:

  • 5 Standard (Green) for 1 Specialized (Blue)
  • 5 Specialized (Blue) for 1 High-End (Gold)
  • 8 High-End (Gold) for 1 High-End Level 31 (Gold)

That changes tomorrow, weakening the exchange to the following:

  • 10 Standard (Green) for 1 Specialized (Blue)
  • 15 Specialized (Blue) for 1 High-End (Gold)
  • 10 High-End (Gold) for 1 High-End Level 31 (Gold)

Anybody still playing this outside of @jango?


I’m pumped for this. This game is crack is in it’s purest form.