Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division
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GTA was 2013/2014 bruh.


I can’t think of any off the top of my head THB, other than Ubisoft games. The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Bloodborne all had embargos lifted within the week before they each launched.

Like you said though, even Assassin’s Creed games (among other Ubisoft titles) were in the hands of reviewers before launch. That not being the case for The Division just screams trouble to me.


I guess I can understand getting in front of the shitty reviewers who care more about getting a review up first, rather than actually experiencing the game, but reviewers can still play the ‘single’ player portion with friends or whatever, right? Like the bases and stuff won’t be as populated but doesn’t other players mostly come into effect in the Dark Zone anyways?

I don’t know and really don’t care that much…I’m waiting regardless.





Also, while the PS4 may have similar issues, JackFrags noted that the XB1 chugs and dips below 30fps during battles with multiple enemies and isn’t even native 1080p.

These types of exclusivity really need to go away.


I lol’d.


That’s funny…until it happens to me.


That suuuuuucks.


The real problem, some players are finding, is that character models have collision in the game’s safe houses — meaning that when things get crowded, players are bumping into and blocking each other.

That has resulted in players voluntarily lining up in order to speak to NPCs, as illustrated by these screenshots from Imgur user “lordsmish.”

Amidst the safe house chaos, some players are stepping in to enforce civility in The Division’s lines. Check out the in-game chat, where one player reminds another not to cut in line.


I’ve been watching a good chunk of footage from Giant Bomb and Twitch and it seems like the Dark Zone is where the game shines. The story and side missions seem pretty by-the-numbers which only exist for people to raise XP bars and most of the outside world seems pretty barren with an abnormal amount of car doors to close.


Article I read likens the progression and gear system to Destiny’s light levels. Gear let’s you go ‘above’ the highest level so you can head to the DZ to get the better gear. The further you you go in the DZ, the better the gear.

I don’t think that’s for me and since that’s the main thing to do in the game, I’ll skip buying this. I don’t really need that stress.


Yeah, the biggest thing I’ve noticed is a distinct lack of group PvE stuff.


Yep, after watching enough people play this game I can safely say I have no desire to pick it up. Looks like it could be fun with groups, but since this wolf flies solo, I will be passing as well.


That is disappointing.


Isn’t the whole game PvE?

Even when you go into the DZ you don’t need a group. You can still help other groups with random firefights and if it gets to sticky just leave the area. Good news is there are random encounters on almost every block in the DZ.

Even for a lone wolf like Rewfus there’s plenty to do. So far the campaign has been a lot of fun and can be quite challenging depending on how you approach it.


I want to have a solid conversation about this game without coming off as a reductionist, but I’m afraid it will come out that way either way, so I might as well lean in to it.

Is there really plenty to do? Everything I have seen is that you enter a room, shoot people in the face, enter the next room, shoot people in the face, they drop a gun so you can shoot people in the face better. I know there are perks and whatnot, but all they seem to do is effect your stats at shooting people in the face. So I guess my question is, is there really anything to do other than shoot people in the face or collect materials to improve the shooting of the face?


[quote=“Jango, post:96, topic:156, full:true”]
Isn’t the whole game PvE?[/quote]
Yes. Technically, the DZ is PvE but it’s also PvP which is what I don’t want. Can you play the DZ alone? Yes. But, again, it’s PvP which is what I don’t want. And when a large portion of the end game is what I don’t necessarily want to play, then the game probably isn’t for me.

In all honesty, I think the DZ is an awesome concept. It’s what many MMOs have but with a shooter gameplay mechanic and that’s rad. The interactions the zone will result in will be epic and/or hilarious and I can’t hate that. But, it’s just not for me. Which is why I don’t play Trials in Destiny. But Trials isn’t the end game for that title either, so…


I guess it’s how you approach the game. LOL. Aren’t all MMO’s/RPG’s essentially the same thing? Make a character, do quests looking for loot, side missions, story missions, upgrade character, skill tree, play with others if you like. This game checks all those boxes.

I’m not sure what you would call the DZ. At times it leans very heavy in PvE and other times it can swing PvP but you have the option to just leave the area and not partake in the PvP. But it is a lot of fun when you have a collective mass of fellow agents tracking down some douche Rogue’s and then it almost feels like PvE.

I, along with countless others, can’t help but compare it to Destiny. IMO this game, so far, is a far better experience in terms of what is offered and how it’s delivered. One thing I hated about Destiny was that I could walk into an area, kill the bad guys, get the loot, and then go back to where I entered the area and it would reset everything just as it was. I haven’t seen that here. It could happen down the road but so far I haven’t seen it.

Plus it has a ton of side missions and chances to “help” the world you are in just by wandering around and keeping your ears open. Reminds me of RDR in that sense.

I for one am enjoying the experience. I love the chaotic aspect to it, I love the Tom Clancy angle, so far the story is interesting, and co-op makes it even better. It covers a lot of what I’m looking for in an experience but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. But for me it’s in my wheel house.


Sorry, I’m taking about what the end game has to offer. The DZ seems to be the only meaningful thing to do to progress your character even further once you’ve max level.