Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division
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Is there a way to add simple “mouse-over” capability to your link, Jay? I don’t want to have to click, breh.


Probably not; it’s the PSN store page for the Beta.


mouse-over doesn’t work on mobile, I’ll work on implementing eye tracking for you extreme lazy cases


I’ll never get tired of using this clip, and it’s never been more appropriate:



That’s it…I’m out.


Literally unplayable.


I’m actually pretty psyched to get a chance to play this finally. It opens up this afternoon, no?


Well he finally hit it right in the bullseye, what’s the matter?



Ugh. Such a waste of ammo. You need that shit.


Anyone put some time into the beta this weekend?

The servers were down when I had time to play, and then I wasn’t able to get back to it.


I played it enough to know I will be buying it, and that’s usually at the point in the beta where I quit playing, as I am too lazy to repeat progress made. I unlocked two branches of the base and didn’t even enter the Dark Zone. I wasn’t blown away by it, but it was different enough from most Ubi open world games that I knew I would be giving my $60 to play it.


I wasn’t blown away by it either but was interested enough in it that I stopped so I’d keep my interest. Didn’t mess with the Dark Zone, and only played up until the second quest or whatever.

I’ll be buying it.


I’m getting cold feet on this one.

After throughly enjoying Life is Strange and Until Dawn as much as I did, I think I am just realizing how tired I am shooting dudes as a main mechanic. I’m not going to stand on some soap box about angry white men with guns, as I think this game shows a lot of promise and I have nothing against anyone who will enjoy it, I just feel so fatigued by that being the main way to interact with a game. Right now I much rather spend my time with games like Firewatch and even Gone Home on console.

I’m sure the hype train will run over me soon and I will switch positions, but man, I love that we at least live in a world where I have so many options. It’s one of those “good” problems to have.


UFF. Never a good sign. I’m waiting so hard.


While it’s never a good sign, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always a bad sign. Ubi has been getting more and more strict with their review embargoes, but then again, AC has arguably been dropping in quality, so hopefully there is no correlation and it’s just their dumb marketing strategy.

Not that it matters, but I’m pretty sure one of the most critically acclaimed games last year had a day of release review embargo, but I can’t find which one it was. I know it makes little difference, but now I just want to know for my sanity.


I’ll be waiting for reviews.


Bloodborne? GTA? Witcher?


Ehh, either way, it was simply an embargo, but I’m pretty sure critics still had review code. The fact that nobody will even get the game until launch is slightly concerning, but also not surprising considering how much online dependency there is. I’m guessing we’ll continue to see this for this console MMO-likes?