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Tom Clancy's The Division
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I’m pretty sure solving a certain puzzle in The Witness unlocks The Division beta access, or so I’ve heard…



Me, with the beta…then retail release:


Now where did I put that GIF representing my thoughts of the beta and the game itself… oh, here it is.


Man, you gotta love Fridays…


Especially when you get to play new betas all weekend long!!!




Xbox Italy’s Facebook page published the following image as well as
revealing The Division’s open beta will take place between February 16th
to February 21st. Just like with the current beta, Xbox One owners will
be given 24 hours of exclusive access prior to PC and PlayStation 4


The Division is throwing its doors wide open next week with an open beta that will let everyone explore its devastated New York, test its systems, and provide feedback that will benefit the game before its launch. Whether you’re a veteran of the closed beta or this is your first time stepping into an Agent’s shoes, you’ll be able to jump into the open beta from February 19-21 on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Also, Xbox One players can get started a day early with exclusive 24-hour early access beginning on February 18, but players on all platforms can preload the beta starting February 16.


Call me crazy but I loved the closed beta. Really looking forward to seeing what they tweaked.


Hearing Austin Walker from Giant Bomb talk about some of the moments he experienced in the beta got me really excited. It sounds like the whole helipad extraction can get very tense, and even the power in numbers physiological warfare can be pretty interesting.

He mentioned a time where he was perched in the scaffolding of a bridge picking off AI with a sniper when he heard a group of player controlled characters roll up (apparently there is proximity voice?). He said that he had to keep as quite as possible so that he would not be spotted or else he would have been toast.

The rouge system sounds interesting too, where if those guys would have killed him and took his stuff, they would have a rouge bounty on their heads for a given period of time where other players in the world would be alerted and given motivation to hunt them down to collect a reward, but if you can survive long enough as a rouge you get an award for yourself? That all sounds pretty stellar if it can be pulled off correctly.

So Jango, in your short experience with he beta, it sounds like they pulled it off?


Here’s what I shared over at SG a few weeks ago.

"Played some more of it last night and ventured into the Dark Zone. After about 5mins in there I was sold on this game. I played with Del and a mutual friend for a bit and then ventured off on my own once they left for the evening. It’s funny how once they left my game plan completely changed. With them we were a rolling posse with our chest puffed out. Without them I ran from cover to cover and avoided other groups of people and watched for opportunities to join in some combat. I had one instance where off in the distance I could hear gun fire so I worked my way there to find a group of 4 “good agents” going after a group of friends who had gone rogue. I joined the “good agents” in the fight and helped them flank and pin down the baddies. After we disposed of them it was time to check the loot. This is where things got sticky. I approached a good score that consisted of some armor upgrades and a scope. As I ran towards it I was told via prox chat “Don’t fucking touch that”. I stop and turn to see 4 of them fanned out with guns on me. So I say “good deal” and back up with my gun drawn. I climb over a barricade and grab cover waiting for the shit to hit the fan but these guys say nothing else and grab the loot and turn to go. Well fuck them. I aim and tap my RB and launch a sticky bomb at them and detonate it on impact. It downs 2 of them and I run for better cover. I figure if I play this right I could grab all their loot and run for an extraction point but the problem is that I’ve now fired on Division Agents and I’m now marked as Rogue for doing so. This means my gamertag is red and if someone uses a scan of the area they will see me as a hostile. So I’ve got two guys downed but they are being revived as the 4th guy in the group pins me down. We all exchange fire for 30 seconds or so and then it happens. I got flanked from the south by a group of 2 who must have seen an easy opportunity to kill a Rogue agent. I got flattened in just a matter of seconds and as I lay there bleeding out the 2 who flanked me have now started to attack the 4 guys I was engaged with. I don’t care if I got taken down, the whole thing was marvelous. And sold.

I’ve got a few minuted of footage from the DZ that I’ll post in a bit as well as some of the “campaign” stuff."


Wow, that sounds GREAT! I can’t wait for the open beta.

On another note, I’m not quite sure what to make of this:


For reference in the video. The guys with Blue GT are friends, the white are other players on the server who are good, red means they have gone rogue, and other colors mean they are NPC


Not sure if this is new news or not:

But it does throw a wrench in to my planning, although I haven’t purchased DLC outside of Destiny for a very long time that I can recall.

For the lazy ones… (aka @MrBimble)

You can now pre-load Tom Clancy’s The Division for the beta weekend on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The upcoming open beta allows you to play The Division for free starting from February 18 on Xbox One, and February 19 on PS4 and PC. It will run through to February 21 on all platforms.

You’ll be able to rank up to level eight with your agent, and up to rank 12 in the Dark Zone. In addition, there’s a new mission exclusive to the open beta that players in the closed beta last month won’t have seen.

Bear in mind that your progress won’t carry over from the closed beta, nor will it carry forward into the game’s full release on March 8.




Beta link for the even lazier.


You beat me to it, but I at least show our Xbox following some love…

And 24 gigs?


Who are you calling lazy? I had it downloaded before downloading was cool.