Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division
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How many car doors do I get to gently close as I take cover against them?


This many :hand:




Fixed the taken down vid in my previous post.

This is another new trailer:


Per the latest announcement on the game’s official Twitter, Ubisoft’s The Division will run its closed beta between January 28-31 on Xbox One and January 29-31 on PC and PS4. If you’re interested, head over here to sign up for the waiting list or to use a beta code, if you’ve got one.


Just remember, if someone is about to shoot you, just do a jumping jack.



Forget the emotes, holy bullet sponges! In the opening of the video the guy snipes a dude in the face with 6 shots before he goes down!


That was one of the criticisms I agreed with. You’re fighting humans but they just eat bullets and it creates a disconnect between actions and expectations. (disclaimer about it being a video game blahblahblah). I’m not sure what else they could do other than wrap enemies in more helmets and armor and I’m sure I would get used to it but yeah…


Anyone playing the beta?


Wasn’t invited, brah.


Me either. We’ll have to start our own cool club.


The Kool Kids Klub?


Individuals Shooting Into Shit


So…Kool and the Gang and ISIS.

I didn’t get an invite into the beta either.


[quote=“blackzipper, post:37, topic:156, full:true”]
So…Kool and the Gang[/quote]

Try again.



Dear Gordontremeshko

We are seeing an unprecedented level of interest in The Division beta and we want to thank you for your enthusiasm and passion.

As of now it is unlikely that the players who are currently on the waitlist will gain access to the beta today. Our goal is to grant access to all players interested in playing The Division and we still hope to do so. Please check back this week-end for an update on the status of the waitlist.

We thank you again for your excitement and understanding.

The Division team

Fuck you too.