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Tom Clancy's The Division
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I haven’t delved in to those, yet. I know you can recalibrate, just not sure what I should be going for.


Had a funny moment in the DZ the other night while playing with Penguin.

I don’t think a lot of folk know that there is proximity chat in the DZ. Even if I’m in a private chat I can still hear non group agents talking if they are close enough.

So Penguin and I had a huge run in DZ 9 and had a full pack to extract. Most of it was teal colored gear. Anyways, we roll up to the extraction zone and clear it of enemies and are about to call it in when we hear “Hey, lets jack these punk ass suckers. Let them tie up their gear and then we’ll cut the rope, grab it and run”

Morons. So we switch our specials to flame turrets, seeker mines, and a shock turret. Call in the extraction. Take the high ground behind cover. Then wait. The chopper arrives after a minute and we can hear these 2 idiots talking about getting in position and they were even nice enough to clear the NPC’s for us before they got to the extraction zone. So we load up our gear and retreat back to the high ground which makes it seem like we left. As soon they enter the extraction zone to cut the rope we throw our turrets down into the zone, load up explosive rounds into our guns, and just unload on them. We crushed them so bad that A: They never came close to cutting the rope and B: we didn’t even have to use our seeker mines. Not only that but we then picked up all their dropped gear and extracted it for ourselves. LOL.


The nice thing is there are a lot to chose from that can fit your play style.


Stories like that really make me want to play this game, until I realize I can’t even coordinate matching socks, let alone times to play with another human being, so for the time I will just live vicariously through you and your heroic stories.


Some more Last Stand MP from last night.


Last night was probably the most successful DZ run I’ve had. In about 45mins our group managed to secure 2 supply drops as well as make 2 separate extractions. The supply drop is the big one. Once an hour the DZ gets a supply drop and each of the 9 zones get a crate dropped in it. The crates are open to all agents on the server and are heavily contested by live players and NPC’s and you have 5mins until they self destruct. The loot inside also doesn’t need to be extracted which makes them even better.

We got one supply drop secured and with 2mins left on the timer we headed for the 2nd one since it was only 90m away. Got there with about 45secs left and flooded the NPC’s with flame turrets while we unlocked it.

I’ll post a video later.



Heres some highlights from said run.


Yup, still love it.

Had a few good DZ runs over the past few weeks and the group I play with started tackling the Incursions(think Raids from Destiny). We’ve been working on one for the last week or so and finally beat it last night. First tried it with just 3 of us and that could only get you so far. That 4th gun and healing station is a must have and made a huge difference. Also had to deal with some power outages due to storms along the way but last night we beat Dragon’s Nest in just under 3hrs. Kept getting stuck on the final boss battle and had to replay it 4 times. On the forth try we decided if we didn’t do it then that we would call it a night. It got to a point where I was the last one standing, we just took out the boss and had to clear the area, and right before getting surrounded and downed I somehow got my turret and aid station deployed. BOOM! The turret held off the 6 or so bad guys closing in on me while my aid station revived me(thank god I decided to add that mod to it). I was able to get up and revive one of my fallen teammates while I was taking hits from a sniper. He got up, dropped a turret and an aid station which gave him time and cover and a chance to get one of our fallen up and moving. His aid station also revived me as I took a disabling blow from said sniper. Once I was up I revived our 4th fallen teammate. We were then able to secure the area after a 15min gun fight and beat the Incursion. My only regret is that I failed to capture any of it.

Gonna try the next Incursion this weekend and I’ll roll on that and edit it down.


Guess what. I’m still plying. LOL.

Update 1.8 came out last night and opened up 2 new sections in the map and has added a No Rogue element to the Dark Zone, a PvP mode that is a 4v4 experience, and a Horde mode.

Not sure how the No Rogue element works but will be playing tonight to find out.