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Here’s a video from the other night. When we play we won’t initiate going Rogue but will fight if we have to. We were going about our business in the DZ and were being followed by some other agents. I don’t think they knew that we could hear them on proximity chat even though we were in a party. So the whole time we could hear them trying to find a time to jump us. We even had a run in with them while prior to this when trying to extract our loot. They tried to hijack our extraction but we pushed them back. We ran into them again shortly after and ended up in a 15-20mins stand-off before flanking them and pushing them back into a dead end. What you don’t see in the video is that off to my left is a large group of NPC’s on the other side of the courtyard that we were also dealing with. Had a nice little 3 way fight going. 3 of our group broke off and back tracked around and took them out and in doing so we had the Rogues flanked

Here’s another video from after that where we just had some good fun. If you are wondering, yes, I changed my outfit in between clips because I found a swanky new coat. LOL


Your videos make this game look like a lot of fun, but man do the baddies look like bullet sponges. I know they have armor, and maybe it doesn’t feel that way when you’re playing, but shit, you’re putting clip after clip into those guys.

What night do you guys play?


If anything in The Division actually deserves the criticism it’s received, it’s the bullet sponge enemies. IIRC getting high level gear only helps so much and even then the TTK is still ridiculous.


@Threctory @MrBimble

I think the criticism is fair as far as the early version of the game goes. I think now though it’s more in line with what they had in mind. Here’s how it is now.

The high end drops are more common. I got one by giving a citizen in need a bottle of water

Vendor system has been revamped to include high end blue prints for gear and weapons

Weekly and Daily HVT’s added to the base game world for those who don’t like the DZ or don’t have the Underground

World Tier’s added. The higher the tier the harder the enemies but the greater the rewards. This is spread across all aspects of the game.

Improved Gear Sets help cut down on TTK. So if I have all my armor pieces from the same set then I get huge bonuses applied to my avatar. They have a lot of different sets to suit players play styles. I have 3 different sets and I use each one for a different reason. One gear set helps offset Rogue Agents as in if killed by them I don’t lose much of anything as far as gear looted goes and I gain 20% health against them as well as deal 20% extra damage to them. That’s one example.

Improved Incursion(think Raids from Destiny) performance. Better drops, bug fixes, requirements to play lowered

Supply drops every hour in the DZ. These occur now in each zone, 1-6, as opposed to just one for the entire DZ map. They also occur now in the main map but not as often as in the DZ. Supply Drop gear does not have to be extracted from DZ.

Enemy level now scaled to the Group Leader’s rank when doing the campaign. This helps big time in helping friends who are just now starting out.

These are just a few of the changes.

I think the TTK is fine because it can make a group of small bad guys feel like a large group. The engagements often require you to think as the AI is pretty good and will retreat, flank, take cover, etc etc. Plus you have to know what you are dealing with. If they have a medic you need to take them out or they can just keep healing and prolonging the fight. Guys with shields need to be flanked. Guys with flamethrowers don’t suffer as much from fire effects. Big bosses can use EMP to disrupt your specials and can also be equipped with the same specials you have. So it all comes down to how your group handles it.

I think that having a shorter TTK or one shot one kill mechanics wold make the game worse because of the shear ease in which you would be able to dispatch them.It would force the game to flood the streets with NPC’s in order to present any real world threat and that would take away from how the game feels.

A lot of it also depends on what you want from the game. If you want a challenge then there are ways to seek it out and find it but if you want to be more casual you can do that as well.

Now that’s not to say it’s a perfect game but it has come a looooooong way from the game it was at launch and has now found a sweet spot.

The one thing I really wish they would do is give players an option for a PvE or PvP Dark Zone. PvE your gear would stay the same and they enemies would stay the same or they could increase their numbers because you wouldn’t have that Rogue Threat but you would still see other groups of agents on the streets and could help and assist. PvP all the gear should be normalized when you enter the server and special abilities should be nerfed or turned off.


Update 1.6 launched today along with the games first officially sanctioned PvP game mode. It’s a large scale Domination type that is 8v8 with some NPC’s in the mix. Kind of like a MOBA. Curious to see how it is. I know folks on the test servers have been streaming it for a few weeks and it looks interesting but I think it will require some balancing at first. At least from what I’ve seen.

My favorite things that the new update brings

Dark Zone Leader Boards

3 new DZ areas that doubles the size of the DZ(they extend above and below ground)

Improved game mechanics such as cool down time between evasive rolls, reduced accuracy for hip firing, limited field of vision for extended hip firing among other things that make it harder for people to dominate in a PvP situation. This I’m a fan of.

New vanity items and emotes

Underground Cache’s give you 2 high end gear pieces

Helping strangers in need will now give you “Intel Pieces” which can be used to acquire bounties on High Value Targets

Dark Zone XP and Funds will no longer be lost if killed in the Dark Zone

New Dark Zone Contamination events are added. These will be like supply drops and occur once an hour. During this time you will need to rid certain subway tunnels or sewers of waves of bad guys.


I know this is falling on deaf ears but this update is great so far and the new Last Stand DLC is a lot of fun. My biggest problem is I can’t help but think it’s one giant beta for a sequel.

The game has found a sweet spot now with or without the DLC. If you can find this game on the cheap, which you can, then grab it and give it a shot.


I kind of wish I had picked it up over the holidays when it was $10


Me too, until I look at the enormous backlog I already have. I will wait for the sequel, but if it makes you feel any better, I do actually appreciate your updates, @Jango , even if I don’t appreciate you.


Here’s some gameplay from a round of Last Stand. The game takes place in the Dark Zone but you load in via a traditional MP lobby. It mixes NPC and normal DZ elements along with 8v8 MP Domination with some light MOBA and Tower Defense elements.

The main point of the game is to fill your team’s “point bar” before the other team fills theirs. There are multiple ways to earn points but the meat of them come from controlling zones on the map.

There are 3 zones. A, B, and C. Each zone has 3 control points. To fully control a zone you must have all control points held in said zone.

After 5mins have passed in the game there will be team boost terminals on the map. These can activate boosts(they last for 5mins) such as being able to spawn on a teammate, a score multiplier, or points for kills. The points for kills one is huge as you can battle NPC’s and each kill fills your points bar. It’s a great way involving folks in the game who may not be that good at the PvP aspect. There are also terminals in each teams spawn zone(A or C) that can be activated to provide support. You can activate auto turrets and pulse scans(UAV). To activate the terminals you need to earn Shade Tech. This can be gained by killing NPC’s, enemy agents, defending areas, or finding them in loot chests in the DZ.

Another way to be involved without worrying about PvP is to go and explore. By exploring the DZ you can find loot chests that contain points that will be added to your bar.

So far I’m finding the game mode to be very enjoyable. I’ve had some games where I’ve done nothing but roam the DZ and farm NPC and explore for chests to help the team and I’ve had other times where I’ve defended our objectives and battle enemy agents. It kind of depends on what boosts your team has activated too. We won a match last night in the final 2 minutes because we had points for kills and the point multiplier activated. So with all of us out hunting NPC’s we racked up points quickly.

Anyways, it’s great fun and the server’s have been very reliable thus far.

There’s a mix of gameplay in the video. NPC’s, PvP, and some NPC combat while also fighting PvP.


@MrBimble I’m pretty sure there is a free trial of the game out. Kind of like a beta.

EDIT: here. Free trial info

Also, this image has been making the rounds thanks to some data mining. Would love to see this happen.


Sweet! I’ll check it out.


So…yeah…I may have a problem. I have started listening to the “State of the Game” podcast with the producers and game designers for the game. They comb the community forums and talk about issues that are being raised and answering community questions.



I’m guessing the disappointment of Wildlands had something to do with this?


With what? The need for all the rumored support or me listening to the podcast? LOL


Ubi has confirmed there will be a full second year of support for the game but it won’t be as expansive as the “data diving” suggests. There will be ongoing updates as they see needed as well as 2 expansions that will add a few new features to the game. They didn’t say if it was going to be story related but they did hint at some more DZ activity as well the ability to save pre made gear loadouts that can be quickly swapped out. That alone is huge because I have 4 different gear sets depending on what I’m doing. I have one set HVTs and Incursions, one for Dark Zone play, one for The Underground, and one for Last Stand MP.


Seemed like you had renewed vigor in your passion for this one. Just seemed before like you were kind of waiting to see if Wildlands would somewhat take it’s place.


I wouldn’t say renewed. I’ve akways been a Division nerd. I think they, Ubi, have renewed vigor for it because Wildlands isn’t what they wanted it to be. I’ve noticed how Ubi’s marketing of Wildlands has shifted dramatically from it’s inception to it’s release. I saw a commercial for it the other day where it was a bunch of clips of hi-jinx going on and facepalm moments. A big departure from the previous ads that were hyping up the paramilitary aspect of it and taking on the cartel. I think I’ll dip my toes in the Wildlands water eventually but it’s going to take some updates, a massive price drop, and a group of friends to play with to get me over there.

I’ve got all the co-op I need with this game.


I’ve got my gear score up to 251 at the moment, been working through all the missions on hard difficulty. I’ve been doing it solo on easy mode (Tier 1), only takes me about an hour to get three done per night. Really just going for that trophy, then I’ll probably delve in to the Dark Zone a bit. Been looking at different builds and messing with changing up gear and mods and such, but really just sticking to one build right now.


I love the DF-NC3 teal Gear. If I have 4 equipped than I can use an SMG with the riot shield. Last night I extracted an awesome burst fie MP5 from the DZ. 170K DPM and 19K damage. It’s beasty. Makes for a good combo.

Working on a new set that defuses enemy grenades and in the process refills your grenade pouch

Do you utilize your guns talents? They all have pre set talents that activate when your electronics, stamina, and firearm score reach certain points. You can go to recalibration benches and spend for new gun talents.