Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division 2
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Tom Clancy's The Division 2

An online-only open-world shooter-RPG sequel that will build upon and improve things from the first game.

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Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Annecy Studios, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Bucharest, Ubisoft Shanghai Studios, Ubisoft Sofia, Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.


Role-Playing, Shooter

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Players will have a certain skill path to choose after the main campaign(heavy, stealth, sniper) each with class specific upgrades, skills, and weapons.

Will support up to 8 players for co-op raids.

Year one will have 3 seasons. Each one unlocking new story driven content, challenges, and new parts of the map. All 100% free.

Game is set 7 months after the first one.

No info on Dark Zone, MP, or the rumored Battle Roayle mode.


I’m in.


Here’s a couple updates.

Don’t mind me, I’m in the Hype Train shoveling coal.


Played the Beta for about 2hrs last night. For the most part it’s still the same from where the previous game ended up, which IMO is a good thing. There are a few new things so far which I really like about it though.

The world it’s played in is a nice change of pace from the first title which took place during the winter. This game is set 7 months later. It’s a nice contrast to the first title. The city of DC reminds me a lot of The Last of Us in that the city scapes are being overrun by plant life and the basic infrastructure around it is truly falling apart.

Agents move a little smoother and there has been a bit of a parkor element added to movement as obstacles can be hurdled quicker which is making some combat scenarios less clunky.

Bad guys no longer remain marked for the duration of a fight and the enemies you are fighting are more advanced and organized. Need to keep an eye on the field of play or you will get jacked quickly.

The new skills are a nice touch. Really liking the drone that makes mini bombing runs.

Not much about the main story has been revealed which is nice.


Did you pre-order? I signed up for the beta but haven’t seen anything in my inbox yet.


Yes, I pre-ordered.


Also Boston Dynamics robot dogs with guns.




Also, the DZ has been revamped in a big way. There are now 3 different DZ’s spread throughout the main map. 1 of them won’t be unlocked until you finish the campaign and in there it is a 100% free for all. Friendly fire is on as you can turn on your squad and take their gear, nobody, NPC or otherwise, is marked as Rogue, friendly, or NPC, and all gear sets and load outs perform as is.

The other 2 DZ, however, will have gear/weapon normalization thus making the playing field a tad more level. You will still have all your skills and attachments but gear and weapons will be normalized making it more about player skill. Also, the servers will now only hold 12 players instead of 16 and will first try to match you to a server based on squad size. So if you are going solo there is a good chance you will placed into a server with fellow free runners. In these 2 DZ’s the ability to go Rogue is still there but you have to opt in. The only way to not opt into it, and go Rogue on the spot, is by cutting somebody’s loot from an extraction chopper. Opting in will work like it did after many a patch in Division 1. You will notified when somebody not in your group is about to go Rogue which gives you time to either run or prepare for a firefight,

If you are cut down by Rogues and respawn at a check point there is now a security system in place to keep these Rogues from camping said spawn points. Each check point has a safe zone offering multiple points of entry and exit and are guarded by auto turrets that will cut down any Rogue that tries to enter the area(the auto turrets cannot be disabled or destroyed).

Really looking forward to these changes.



Put in a lot of time with this over the weekend. Here’s a list of things I did and some assorted musings.

Campaign Rank 6
Dark Zone Rank 8
Tried out the End Game skill sets and armor(they give you a small mission to do where you can use these)

The overall mechanics of the game haven’t changed but there are a few changes that are quite nice.

The city has settlements which act as larger versions of a safe house. Here you can find side missions and recruit people to do various things such as craft weapon enhancements, attachments, and even recruit citizens to help you on some missions. There are also various control points on the map that are looked after by armed allies. You need to keep these areas supplied so they can fend off the baddies who try and take them over. When controlled by allies you can restock ammo, health, and even raid the gear room. In order to keep these 2 locations running you will need to forage for supplies. Things such as MRE’s, canned food, water, metals, electrical items, shoes, rope etc etc. Really liking this because it now gives you a reason to use the supplies. In the last game you could use the canned food and water while in combat to give you a boost but it was super cumbersome to use it and as a result I never did. Same goes for crafting. I would go out and get the supplies but then I would have to craft stuff for myself and it was cryptic and kind of a roll of the dice. Now it’s pretty straight forward. Need a 12x Zoom Scope? Get the list of items needed, find said items, bring it to the craftsman and wait a bit.

Now for the DZ…

Weapon normalization is real. Had a few run ins with some solo Rogue agents and dispatched them quickly. Best part is that when I would get killed I didn’t feel like I had been cheated or overwhelmed. But this was all in pretty early on in the Beta and it felt like folks were testing the waters. By last night the DZ was filled with squads and for the most part kept to themselves. We had one run in with a squad of 3 that fired on us and our squad of 4 disposed of them after a good firefight and a little unasked for help from NPC’s. LOL. After that though, not much. DZ is still super suspenseful but I feel like the trolling factor will be way down. There is still something so awesome feeling about waiting for an extraction chopper that few games have. Oh, not all gear found in the DZ has to be extracted now. Some of it you can equip right away while the higher end “contaminated” gear will have to be extracted.

Anyways, all aboard the hype train.



State of the Game - Wednesday March 6th, 2019


Today Trick Dempsey (Senior Game Designer at Massive Entertainment) joined Hamish to discuss Endgame Progression


Strongholds vs. Missions

Strongholds are vastly bigger, and meaner, than missions. Strongholds will be important to the plot development of the game and are extremely significant. Missions will need to be completed before attempting Strongholds. The concept of Strongholds are introduced very early on in the main campaign, but the concept becomes ramped up in the Endgame.

What happens when you hit level 30?

  • During the main campaign you’ll be working thru a bunch of Missions and a handful of Strongholds to get to the final Stronghold that remains locked until you reach level 30 . At that point, it will be unlocked and revealed. Once that final Stronghold is completed, World Tier 1 is unlocked, Tidal Basin is revealed and the living world will completely change.
  • Previously established control points that you’ve captured suddenly become dynamic as the Black Tusk faction comes into play and factions are pushed into the open world. Previously established fast travel locations are no longer available and must be re-established. Most importantly, due to the influx of the Black Tusk, Specializations are introduced because “you’re gonna need a bigger gun.”, and you’re vastly weaker in relation to the new faction.

World Tiers 1-3 Unlocked

  • 3 Strongholds, that were previously faction based Strongholds, will now be repopulated with Black Tusk and need to be retaken. Those will have 2 invaded missions that are tied to each Stronghold.
    • After completing the first Stronghold, you’ll progress to the next World Tier 2. Finishing the second will push you into World Tier 3 and finishing the last of the 3 Strongholds will push you into World Tier 4.
  • “The Snitch” & The Deck of 52 becomes active
    • 52 Named bosses, each faction matching a suit, that will award you loot and commendations for “completing the deck” and getting their cards. They won’t spawn again until your deck is complete.
  • Cassie Mendoza “The Gun Runner” is revealed
    • A roaming random spawn vendor that cycles every day and a half that will have special loot/guns that scale to your World Tier.

World Tier 4

  • Priority Target Network - An interconnected set of 7 tiered Bounties inside of different named zones that scale in difficulty as you progress thru them (progression similar to the “hard”, “challenging” & “heroic” ways that were familiar to players in TD1).
  • Bounties (this is not endgame, but was discussed after the Priority Target Network to explain how they happen)
    • During the campaign you’ll meet Otis Sykes and you’ll get access to bounties that you spend Target Intel to play.
    • Target Intel is garnered thru mission completion and endgame content.
  • A final Stonghold “Tidal Basin” will need to be completed to move into World Tier 5

World Tier 5

  • TBD later - gotta keep you guessing and excited.

Keeping the open world "fresh"

  • Interesting discussion about the logic behind the rules and modifiers to keep endgame & bounties fresh and changing. Less about being random. More about being controlled and deliberate, while allowing each experience to be unique thru the use of the modifiers.
  • A future podcast will discuss these background mechanics.

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I love all of this. They are essentially giving folks a DZ type of end game without having to go into the DZ.



I love that the developers listened to the public about the first game because Massive has gone above and beyond with all that’s included in this game. I thought the first game had a lot to do but this takes the cake. I have put in about 8hrs since late Tuesday night and aside from the intro mission I have only done one main mission. The rest of the time has been spent doing side missions, bounties, projects for my settlement, keeping check points under control, and just free roaming.

Also, enemies aren’t nearly the bullet sponges they were in the last game. Shotguns can now 1 shot folks when placed properly and a few well placed shots from and MK17 will do the trick.


How much of this are you doing solo? Decent experience for a lone wolf?


So far I’ve done it all solo. My normal Division friends have all been out of town since it’s Spring Break here.

But I will say that, based on the last game, the community of randoms was great. Plus this one has a nice mechanic in it where a solo agent can request back-up and anybody can answer the call via the menu or matchmaking terminals.

Also, the game scales the number of baddies based on group size. Played the beta with a full 4 and it was a lot more hectic and frenzied compared to a solo run