Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege
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I have gotten back into this over the last week or so and cannot put it down. The MP is fast, fun, and tense. Still not a very deep game but this 4 week event is going to help with that.


I think this was free to play over the weekend, but I didn’t find out until late Sunday. Are you playing with some buddies or does it work pretty well with randos?


Playing with randoms and it seems to work just fine because of the basic set up. 90% of combat is confined to a very small area so you can easily see what your squad is doing at all times. I have yet to run into any douche bags. Hell, I played from 8pm-2am last night with nothing but randoms and it was fine. But over the weekend the guys I play The Division with tried it out and are most likely picking it up.

It also seems like a lot of folks are still just playing the base game and the Year 1 operators. I haven’t seen a lot of Year 2 operators either. You can find the Year 1 Gold Edition for around $40 new.

Ubi has also come out and said that they have no plans for a new Rainbow Six game for long while. Their goal is to reach Year 10 and have over 140 operators.