Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
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Never got a chance to play it. Life got in the way. As well as my addiction to The Division.

I think it runs through today so I’ll try it out tonight if it’s still up.

I did see some early impression videos on YouTube and the feelings were mixed. Sounds like a lot of folks wanted more of a Division feel from the way the missions and free roaming areas are structured but with less RPG elements.

From the sounds of it the vehicles are inconsistent at best in terms of performance and enemy AI is said to be real shitty.

Also seeing that it does not matter if you go in stealthy or guns blazing. No risk/reward or long term affect of chosing one or the other.


Played it last night.

Very mixed feelings on it and with it launching next month I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

Only played for 90mins but that was long enough.

The missions seem to give you a false sense of openness. Yes you can approach from any angle and go in guns blazing or take the stealth approach but there is no reward for choosing one over the other. So you might as well just say “fuck it” and roll in like Rambo.

It would have been cool if the compounds had been set up in a risk/reward fashion. Example, entering from one area allows you to bypass a large number of guards but you have to contend with security cameras or sensors. Or taking out alarms would make it so no back-up could arrive or at least be delayed.

The vehicles handled like ass. Oh my god. Not only that but the physics were awful. My 4x4 was like a damn pinball bouncing off of buildings while causing no damage to said building or to my vehicle.

I had a real hard time adjusting to the shooting. The game is presented in a 3rd person view until you aim down the sights and then it snaps to a FPS view. It’s jarring and I could not get used to it. They would do them selves some favors by just sticking with the 3rd person view.

Aside from that though the controls were tight when moving my character around.

This game really seems like it will suffer if not played as a co-op game. The AI on all accounts is pretty awful. Both friendly or enemy. Friendly AI was serviceable at best. They sure as shit didn’t draw enemy fire as I felt like I was the only one being targeted. I never felt like I was any kind of danger even when I had multiple bad guys pouring out of buildings and running at me. It just made it feel like the best way to play the game is to forgo the stealth and just light shit up. The bad guys either just stood their ground and fired or just ran around in circles as if they didn’t know where to go. I could almost hear Yackety Sax being played.

The visuals are pretty damn great. The jungles and villages are pretty lush as are the player models. But the vehicles felt oddly out of place. They looked very…unreal? Not only that but some didn’t seem to fit the setting. It felt weird seeing a high end sports car in a run down village.

The “Boss” videos are awesome and the overall idea for the game is well thought out. I love the setting. Reminds me a lot of early Clancy. The movie Clear and Present Danger comes to mind. The only problem with that is it made me want this to be more of a stealth based game with some action mixed in. I understand that would be a hard sell for most people but at times the action is so bombastic it felt out of place for a Clancy title.

By comparison The Division is a pretty action packed title but it does a great job of giving it to you in doses or at least contains it and puts some limits on it never allowing it to get other worldly crazy.

Overall I feel like there is a good foundation in place but not in the right places as far as making me want to return to the game. I love the setting and feel of the game but I’m not sure the actual gameplay will have much longevity.

I think I’ll wait a few weeks after the final build and see what is patched and added before I make my decision. Not only that but I’ll wait and see if I have friends still playing it.


Kind of glad to hear this, honestly. I can’t foot two new games in one month, and I’m a bit more excited about Horizon. So I’ll definitely wait to see reviews and excitement level for this before diving in.


Open Beta starts the 23rd and runs through the 27th. Gonna give it another try and see if anything has been improved on.


Good new is they added an OTS view option. Bad news is this game still sucks.


Nothing worse then building enemy AI around a game mechanic. One of the biggest things that GR has done the last few titles is push this “Sync Shot” mechanic on people. This is where you and your friends each mark a bad guy and then once they are marked you push “X” and they all drop like flies in unison. So totes spec ops, brah.

The problem is that a lot of the mission want you to do this as it’s a key feature. So most of the time is spent getting into position to set it up on enemy AI that stands still and is dumb as shit. Even when spotted they will run in a straight line towards you and fan out, often not in cover, and just stand there so you can still pull of this move.

So far this has played like a very linear game in which you drive from point to point and because you can enter any vehicle it feels like an open world game. I think they are headed in the right direction but they have a long way to go.

Oh, another thing that is lame is that if I use a silenced sniper rifle from up in the hills while wearing a ghillie suit the bad guys will often turn and fire on me once I take one guy out via solo shot or even if I miss sometimes. So again, it almost forces you to use the Sync Shot BS to eliminate this from happening.

Also, when designing a character there are no advantages or disadvantages to choosing some of your gear. So I can choose to use a ghillie suit but get no concealment bonus or use a ballistic vest or mask and get no armor buff.


Sounds like I can skip the open beta…and the final release.


I deleted the beta after playing for about 30mins


Sad to hear, it had a lot of potential. Just gonna delete the beta myself, I have plenty to do in The Division until Tuesday.



Anyone have this for PS4? I’m looking for help in getting a quick co-op trophy (“Finished the Job” where you have to melee finish an enemy that another player injures first).



Shush, you!



What a badass display of badassery!


Could happen.

Badass either way tho.

How bow dat?



Played part of the first mission for this with the 5-hour demo. It seems to be a good one of those. I’m just not the player for another one of those, unfortunately.


OK. The MP Beta is pretty damn good. The one thing that I did find weird about it though is the maps seem to be huge for just a 4v4 setting. So I wonder if they will expand it to something bigger. Not sure it’s enough to get me to buy this game at full price but if it drop I might pull the trigger.


There’s rumors of Ubisoft working on a battle royale mode for it.