Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2
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You guys should definitely check that out. Especially if it includes the SP.


I think it’s only multiplayer, but I could be wrong.




My buddy worked at Infinity Ward then went to Respawn when they split. Forgot he worked on Titanfall. TF2 you run into Cpt Lastimosa…that’s my buddy. Just got to that point playing TF2 for first time right now and it remembered me.


You must roll with an old crowd.


He’s actually a Filipino dude, so it was funny seeing that character model.


I finished the SP campaign and it’s awesome. Don’t remember the last time I played an FPS campaign where I marked out so many times. It’s like Halo meets Mirror’s Edge which was fascinating for me. The campaign is pretty short, but so many awesome moments, I want to play it again. Gonna give MP a try tonight.


Soooooo there’s this. Sounds like it could be fun. Only bad thing is there’s no Titans.


They’re streaming it today on twitch. 8am PST


Wish it had Titans. Would be really cool if everybody started in a Titan and thats how you dropped into the map.


Annnnnnnnnd psyche. Count down timer expires at 12pm pacific time.


Lame. I guess it was just some teaser until 12pm PST.


This this looks pretty good. Out now for download.