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GamesRadar+ - David Houghton - 4.5 / 5 stars (PS4)

Intelligent, creative, and never less than thrilling, Titanfall 2 finally realises the series’ true potential with verve and polish.

NZGamer - Ben Wilson - 8.2 / 10 (PS4)

Titanfall 2 is the game the original Titanfall was trying to be. A compromise on some multiplayer content has made a better envisioned game with a story that’s resonant in the smaller moments but extraneous in the larger ones. It’s very much a direct translation from Titanfall’s multiplayer. Being uniquely eclectic, Titanfall 2 is designed just well enough, and with enough layers so to not be entirely derivative. Hero simulations are so vastly abundant in this industry - so if you’re going to play one, you might as well choose from those who do it the best.

PlayStation LifeStyle - Paulmichael Contreras - 9 / 10 (PS4)

Titanfall 2 is the new king of the FPS hill. Controls are tight, action is fierce, maps are intricately designed, and Titans are badass. The cherry on top is a campaign that is genuinely enjoyable, and one that fans of the first game are likely to be satisfied with, which expands upon the universe of the series. Group all of this together with an ambitious free DLC plan, and the choice of which shooter to buy this holiday season becomes obvious. Titanfall 2 is second to none.

Polygon - Arthur Gies - 7 / 10.0 (PS4, XB1, PC)

Titanfall 2 has the basics down, but loses much of the focus

Consistency is a problem for Titanfall 2 in general, and it’s a game that seems to struggle with a confident direction for its changes. The end result is a collection of fantastic mechanics across its campaign and its multiplayer that often feel hamstrung by difficult to understand design choices. There’s clearly more here than before, and the package is offering something more “complete” by today’s standards. But Titanfall 2 throws the series’ dynamics off enough to make for something that just doesn’t quite click together as well as it did before.

TheSixthAxis - Stefan L - 9 / 10 (PS4, PC)

On the one hand, you have a short, but fun single player that’s more free and open than most FPS campaign, and on the other, a multiplayer that’s an iterative improvement on an already fantastic game. In other words, Titanfall 2 is as exhilarating and refreshing now as the original was back in 2014.

USgamer - Jaz Rignall - 4 / 5 stars (PS4)

Although it’s a little on the short side, and its production values are a bit oldschool, Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign is a really enjoyable experience while it lasts. It’s very inventive and fun, and a great warm-up for the game’s excellent multiplayer component, whose gunplay and controls are absolutely outstanding. All it needs is a few more maps and modes.

Xbox Achievements - Dom Peppiatt - 85% (XB1)

Titanfall’s now-classic speed works so well in this game - Respawn has studied everything that made the original game so enjoyable in multiplayer and built a solid story experience around those elements. The multiplayer is evolving, and whilst some may argue it’s getting top-heavy, we truly believe that every alteration Respawn has made to the core Titanfall experience has been for the better, resulting in a stronger, better and more robust sequel.

GameSpot - Mike Mahardy - 9 / 10 (PS4, XB1)

Titanfall 2 is more measured and intelligent than its predecessor, but just as fluid and kinetic.

GamingTrend - Christian DeCoster - 85 / 100 (PS4, PC)

Overall, Titanfall 2 takes the great ideas of its predecessors and expands upon them to create a far superior experience. While the campaign is a little short, it’s still a lot of fun and incredibly replayable.

Hardcore Gamer - Kevin Dunsmore - 4.5 / 5 (PS4)

Titanfall 2 takes what works with the original and builds on it. The same addicting momentum-based movement system is back and it’s still fun to use. Built on top of this is a campaign that, while not the most original, manages to create a relationship that feels genuine with a unique mission structure that embraces the movement system to create unique gameplay scenarios.

Trusted Reviews - Stuart Andrews - 4.5 / 5 stars (PS4, XB1, PC)

Titanfall 2’s campaign is one of the best surprises of the autumn 2016 season; smart, superbly-paced and packed with action, it tramples over the likes of Halo 5 and Killzone: Shadow Fall, making this the new sci-fi shooter for CoD: Infinite Warfare to beat.

Digital Spy - Stuart Andrews - 4.5 / 5 stars (PS4)

This isn’t just a worthy sequel to Titanfall, but one that improves upon the original while adding a superb single-player campaign. The latter combines fast-paced action, pilot acrobatics, heavyweight Titan warfare and a surprising amount of heart in one of the most enjoyable solo storylines of the year.

Stevivor - Ben Salter - 8 / 10 (XB1, PC)

As ridiculous as it sounds, Titanfall 2 is more down-to-Earth than most AAA shooters. There are still big explosions and unrelenting death, but rather than focusing on those, some sincere moments between Cooper and BT rise to the surface.





Yo, this game is real fuckin’ good.


Shh, I barely have time to strap on my VR headset for more than 5 minute spans, I don’t want to hear about any good games right now, specifically fuckin’ good ones.

That being said, is it the campaign, mp, or both that’s so good?


[quote=“Rewfus, post:49, topic:592, full:true”]
That being said, is it the campaign, mp, or both that’s so good?[/quote]



I almost pulled the trigger on this on Friday. Now Amazon tells me it’s out of stock. WTF?


Huh, this is what I get for always having ads blocked. Never saw this trailer.


Also good work on taking me back to high school Titanfall 2.


I think I am getting towards the end of the campaign, judging by the fact that I have unlocked all of the Titan classes and only have a boss or two left. I am really impressed by their level design so far, especially for a sequel that didn’t have an original campaign.

Oh yeah, this too:


I’m still early in the campaign, but wow. All of you should play this game.


I finished the campaign. Top notch stuff. :thumbsup:


Picked this up unplanned on Black Friday. Boy am I glad I did.


^ These are my feelings a few chapters in.


I also beat it over the weekend. Here are my impressions:



Fortunately, publisher EA is on the case, as it’s going to try and tempt non-believers into giving the title’s online modes a go. It hopes to accomplish this by offering a completely free trial period starting on Friday of this week, which is when you’ll be able to download said trial from the PlayStation Store. Whats more, any progress that you make during the free period will transfer to the full game, should you wish to snap a copy up.

At the time of writing, there’s no official word on how long the trial will last, but we assume that it’s going to be a weekend only deal, so you may want to get cracking as soon as it becomes available.