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Titanfall 2
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Does anyone know if the beta tech test is open or if we need to sign up somewhere?

Edit: Looks like it is open to anyone. You just download it form the store. https://www.titanfall.com/en_us/tech-test/




Played a few games with Riddle on Friday night. Yeah, this isn’t for me.

The best part was seeing my buddy’s name, who works for Respawn, in the game as CPT Lastimosa in Training.


I’m enjoying it but between the CoD4 remastered and BF1 this would not get touched


Its too much like CoD for me anymore, which is why it’s mostly not for me. I’m too old and just don’t care about being competitive with my gaming nowadays.

Plus, while I’m sure it’ll either get fixed or updated for launch, the spawns are ridiculously stupid in all the gametypes right now. I constantly got spawned on, spawned into, or spawned then spawned on. I know it’s an ‘alpha’ but it still shouldn’t be happening.

And I guess you can’t modify your loadouts until level 10 which…Y THO. It’s an alpha, let people run around and play. I got stuck with weapon loadouts that i didnt want. If its just a tech test, who cares what I can use as long as everyone can use the same weapons?


I was able to modify and make a custom class right away.


No AI mooks to shoot is a huge punch to the gut of any hype I had for Titanfall 2. It’s just titans doing DBZ shit now.

Also sidearms and anti-titan weapons share the same slot? Fuck that noise.


I played a few games and I like it overall, but…I’m in this weird spot where I think I want to play MP games like this, but when I get them, I lose interest quickly and my limited gaming time is spent elsewhere.


We’re all old.


I suck at competitive shooters, but CoD style in particular is just not up my alley. I enjoy some Battlefield and Battlefront, but even those get frustrating. The last time I got very deep in to one was Future Soldier, and I’m really looking forward to Wildlands, but even that will probably be mostly co-op. I just don’t have the reflexes or hand-eye coordination or reaction time or something essential for fast, twitch shooting. I do look forward to the single-player in Titanfall, though. Probably be a sale buy or Gamefly deal or something for me, though.


I didn’t try the beta and although I really wished I had played Titanfall when it launched, I will wait and see with Titanfall 2.

And @CodSteaks let’s play some Wildlands when it launches…I’m really psyched for that!


Oh, fo sho! I think Jango’s hyped for it, too. We should be able to get a pretty good crew going.


Didn’t try beta, but I’m in the same boat as most of you. May try campaign if i hear it’s good, but don’t plan to touch MP.


I’m all in on Wildlands. @CodSteaks you should check out The Division.


Y’all wake me up when Ghost Recon is actually Ghost Recon again.

In the meantime, I’ll be skipping Titanfall 2 unless the campaign is somehow unbelievably good.


I was trying to modify the existing loadouts. I guess Riddler and I both didn’t see the custom loadouts.