Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok
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This movie guys…holy shit. I can’t add much more than Lassie did. Hi-larious.



Yep, was amazing. I might have to seek out that soundtrack, as that’s really what put it over the top for me. Well that my new drunk Valkyrie role model.


I didn’t notice some of the foreshadowing being pointed out nor things like Hela’s suit repairing itself when she powers upon her return to Asgard.


Seriously, if you love this film as much as I did, watch that vid. It adds tidbits and whatnot that make it that much more enjoyable.


I’m about to watch what you posted… but just wanted to say, we watched this last night and noticed we had missed out on a BUNCH of things. I thought that at no point was Hela even touched until the end, but at one point, a guard actually does stab her in the stomach with a lance/spear and then all of a sudden she was fine. So I’m guessing this is explained in the video.

Even watching the second time was damn fun.


I guess I’m going to have to watch it again with commentary next time.

EDIT: Nevermind. Digital versions don’t have the commentary tracks. :frowning:


I don’t think the vid gets into that particular moment of the fight but does so in general. I noticed on my first view but what I didn’t notice was her using her horns to parry attacks. One of my fave moments that also doesn’t get touched on by is referenced towards the end is Hulk swinging Thor around using the exact same mo-cap that was used for Hulk and Loki in Avengers…and then Loki jumping up and getting excited. That was genius.


My wife—not the biggest comic book movie fan—even got a kick out of that part.


I’m a little afraid to watch the movie again - it was just so good the first time and I don’t want to taint that. Maybe I’ll give it some time before the second viewing…


It’s better on the second viewing.

Wife noticed the Loki getting excited about Thor being knocked around. His facial expressions for that entire scene were priceless.

Also noticed the callback “joke” that the two share in the elevator about “sentiment”. If you remember, it’s what Loki says to Thor right when he stabs him in Avengers.


At least as good on the second view, for sure, if not better. The really big stuff distracts you from all the little things that you get in subsequent viewings that really showcase how much went into the film. I didn’t notice Beta Ray Bills face on Hulk’s apartment building the first time through nor that Hulk’s his face being added before you know that he’s actually the champion.

And now some of my fave moments are of Miek doing knife shit in the background and running into frame after that "piss off, ghost! that I noticed after multiple viewings.

Also also, revising that “oh my god, the hammer pulled you off?” is gold every time.


Alright, alright… I’ll watch it again.