Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok
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What are they going to do for Infinity War? Aren’t there about 200 super heroes in that one?


Something like that.


Needs more faces.


Why is this a thing? Jesus christ. Just show the gauntlet and stay minimalist or do actors get royalties off of posters too?


That’s just an official art piece for it, not the actual poster.

We all knew it was gonna be like this anyway, so…






I need to take some time to think about what I just watched…


Is that good or bad? Assuming good. Going on Sunday.



It’s… different. But also the same?

I don’t know.


You crazy. That was crazy fun.


I didn’t not like it. It was immensely more enjoyable than the first two.


It reminded me soooo much of the Flash Gordon movie from the 80’s. Tons of fun.


I loved it. More later (after coffee).


I guess that was quite the large coffee.

Anyhoo… this movie was hilarious. Also, great action. Also, far superior to both previous Thor movies, 3 Iron Man movies, 1 Avengers movie, Ant-man and probably even Dr. Strange. I’d actually put it in my Top 5 Marvel Studios movies list.

My only real complaint about the entire movie was that it seemed every actor was trying to be funnier than the others. I know many scenes were done as written in the script and then redone with ad-libs (as requested by the actors) and you can tell many of the ad-libs made it into the movie (especially Goldblum’s). This was a positive thing, but one character in particular shouldn’t have been trying to be funny and that’s Hela. Some of her jokes seemed out-of-character. But that’s a very minor quibble, because I laughed throughout the entire film.

This section might be spoilerish:
The reason I like it so much is that it was like watching 2 separate movies—a traditional Marvel movie like Cap’n Merica or Iron Man (Asgard scenes) and their funnier brethren like Guardians (planet Goldblum scenes) and then the 2 combined at the end in an epic finale.
End spoilers.

It’s a taster of what Avengers: Infinity War will be like when the Guardians meet the Avengers. Yes, there are funny lines and scenes in Avengers movies, but nothing as slapstick as Guardians 1 or 2, so seeing those two collide will be quite fun. And this movie showed how to do it.

It also made Thor a better character. And since we can’t have any more Hulk stand-alone movies, this worked for that as well.

123 Hulk Smashes out of 130 Thor’s Hammers

They also sum it up nicely (I agree mainly with Greg and Nick):


Holy shit this movie was so good. I think I agree with Jeff about “what the fuck did I just watch”… seriously. At some point, wife and I just gave up and went in. I was expecting MUCH more of a traditional Thor film but didn’t expect this bonkers level movie.

Also, fucking Dez and Troy had us dying for a minute there.


FUUUUUUCK this movie was ridiculously fun and enjoyable. I haven’t literally LOL’d this much in forever. The CGI people during fights (particularly Hela v. Asgardians) was a little distracting, as was Tessa Thompson having a British accent, but man, I loved this film so much.

Also, Goth Cate Blanchette can GET IT.


Indeed, LASSIE, indeed.