Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok
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I mean, you’re going to get Hulk action. Ruffalo basically described it as a roadtrip movie akin to Midnight Run, only with two comic book characters instead of Grodin and DeNiro.


Planet Hulk is an awesome series. If they do anything like that, I’m in. Also, it could tie into this:

This was on Netflix not too long ago and I highly recommend it.



Yep, that looks great.


Yeah, I had very little interest in a new Thor movie, but that trailer looks really good.


Looks really fun!


Seems like Taika Waititi has saved the Thor franchise.

Also, not gonna lie, Cate Blanchett in black makes for a very attractive lady.


Guardians, Spider-Man Homecoming, and now this. Well done Marvel. Well done.

Enjoy your time in the corner with the dunce cap on, DC movies.





I just wanna add even though that the entire trailer was a fantastic cacophony of costumes and helmets, seeing Jack Kirby’s Hela design brought to life made me extremely happy. I actually got legit goosebumps when she turned around in that first shot of her with the helmet on.


Now you have me reading his Twitter feed and he seems like a pretty good guy. He happened to post this, in a fun way, not self indulgent way, and as much as I usually hate reaction videos, I thought it was worth a post.



I am Commander Shepard and I approve that trailer.



I like what I’m seeing here.


Now this. This is an awesome trailer.



Damn, that looks good and fun.


The key word there is fun which is something DC is sorely lacking.