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Thor: Ragnarok
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During the AMA, Waititi was asked about the 1980s-style logo, which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con. He said the new logo was inspired by 1970s and 1980s sci fi fantasy art, “because our film feels like that.” Waititi also confirmed that audiences can expect a 1980s vibe from the film, “and more.”

“I think [Thor: Ragnarok] will be one of the most adventurous and most ‘out there’ of all the Marvel movies. It’s a crazy movie,” Waititi said.

After the logo first debuted, and the fact that it was teased as an intergalactic road trip, audiences speculated whether the film would take on a lighter, weirder tone than its predecessors. All signs point to an absolute yes. Waititi said in the AMA that he basically did what he wanted with the film, praising Marvel’s decision to give him massive creative freedom, and jokingly added that he didn’t even bother trying to make the movie fit in with the larger MCU.

Waititi added that he expects Bruce Banner to be the breakout star of the film, which is exciting news, considering we haven’t had a solo film starring Mark Ruffalo’s turn as The Hulk.

I’m officially excited for this now.


As long as there’s at least 95% less Kat Dennings & Co. I’ll probably finally enjoy a Thor movie.


I’ve heard this will be close to the comic book storyline Planet Hulk (which was phenomenal)—I highly suggest watching it via Netflix.

The follow-up to that series, World War Hulk is one of my favorite Marvel cross-over events of all time.

But every time I hear Thor and Hulk, I think of this Netflix movie, Hulk vs.—

Also, entertaining.


But … dem titties, tho.


She had like zero cleave in both movies, so it was pointless.


True. :cry:


But she still had the grating voice. So, we have that going for us. Which is nice.


I shall take my Kat Dennings Fan Club promotional material elsewhere.

Good day!


Who is Kat Dennings?


OH NO. Here comes the barrage of Kat Denning photos/GIFs.


I, too, cringe.


Ahh yeah…her.


Every time I see Rachael Ray now, I think of this You’re The Worst quote:

“It’s the Rachael Raying of the world.”

“A cozy world full of home-cooked meals and graceful weight fluctuation? I’d live in that world.”




They’re really leaning hard into this retro theme.


Looked at the IMDB page to see who Goldblum is playing (no idea who the Grandmaster is), but saw Dr. Strange and Hulk are going to be in this. I knew about Strange from the credits bit in his movie, and had heard about Hulk, but it was a nice reminder. Hope this is good, cause it seems like it could be awesome. I don’t know much about Planet Hulk, but are they riffing on that story? Just guessing because Hulk + Space. /shrug


Nevermind, answered my own question. Looks like the Planet Hulk story doesn’t involve Thor or Strange. Maybe Earth launches Hulk into space like in Planet Hulk? Other than that it doesn’t look like it’s possibly related.


They’ve shown off Hulk’s gladiator armor, so I can only assume Marvel took liberties with the movie and has Hulk doing his own thing from Planet Hulk as an introductory side story and he and Thor cross paths or something and are buddy cops for the rest of the movie.


Synopsis says Thor and Hulk have to battle it out in some kind of gladiator pit. Who knows. I’m slowly losing interest the more I look in to it. I just wanted to see Hulk on screen again.