The Witness

The Witness
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Yeah. I’m just waiting until payday on Friday.


I’m also waiting until the weekend. Mainly because I have no time to play between now and Friday anyhow.


Well, I guess you guys will be coming to me for all of the answers then. I’ll have to start thinking how I can leverage this…


Holy crap, I didn’t realize how many games I’m interested are releasing today.


Looks like Rewfus just lost his leverage.


What else?

January 24, 2016 - January 31, 2016

Finaly Fantasy Explorers

This War of Mine: The Little Ones

Sid Meiers Civilization: Revolution 2

Lego Marvel’s Avengers

Shadow Puppeteer


I’m personally more excited for Feb 9


I’m waiting for your guys’ trusted reviews.

Also, I’m surprised that you’re excited for Unravel, @Rewfus.


Hey, I said more excited, and that’s compared to a LEGO game I have practically already played (Marvel Super Heroes), a Final Fantasy 3DS game I will never play, and an expansion to a game that looks like would make me want to shoot myself (This War of Mine)


Went ahead and just bought this today because of course I did. can’t wait to check it out tonight.


So, did you actually check it out or did you just play Destiny all night? :confused:


You already know the answer.



I’m guessing none of you chumps have played this yet, heh? I really want to bounce some ideas of someone without resorting to the internet to get spoiled.


I think I’ll start it up tomorrow.


I’m not sure when I’ll get to it either. I’ve got to check out the new stuff in Battlefront, I’m a little over 60% through Uncharted 2, I have to play some Battlefront and I need to catch up on Supergirl.

Speaking about catching up on shows, this time seriously, I just watched the season premiere of The 100 last night. Man that show got good… and stayed good.


Jonathan Blow’s newest work, The Witness, has been mostly showered with praise, but unfortunately a lot of players don’t feel Blow should be paid, as they’ve been relentlessly pirating the $40 game. Blow tweeted today that “It seems The Witness is the #1 game on a certain popular torrent site. Unfortunately this will not help us afford to make another game!”

The independent developer then continued to lament the potential impact of his game being stolen: “I’m glad that a lot more people will be experiencing the game! But I also want to be able to make another comparable game next! Just sayin’.”

Yay, Douchebags!

I’ll be buying this today.


Honestly, that game is a tough sell. People like us will buy it, because we expect a quality experience, and people who remember Myst will probably check it out. But YOUTHS don’t give a shit about either. And even though our demo are the ones really propping up the industry, I’m sure losing even that small segment of YOUTHS matters.


Here’s what companies, especially indies, should do with their games. Release first on consoles. Wait a month or two, til sales die down, and then release on PC. Sorry, PC users, but until there is a solution for piracy, a small number of you assclowns ruin it for the rest. Let the developer earn some money, reward the paying customers with a play first bonus, then throw it out on Windows/Mac for the rest.


I don’t really follow the scene since I’m almost exclusively on console, but I have been hearing buzz lately regarding popular torrent groups suggesting certain doom about the industry coming close to uncrackable DRM

I know these promises have been made before, but that has almost always been from the publishers, not the groups that are actually trying to do the cracking. Once again, this is coming from a very naive perspective, but one that I like to believe is promising.


Uncrackable huh? I doubt it.