The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt RED's third Witcher combines the series' non-linear storytelling with a sprawling open world that concludes the saga of Geralt of Rivia.

First Released

May 19, 2015


PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4


CD Projekt RED Sp. z o.o.


Role-Playing, Action-Adventure

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This is already out on the 19th??? Crap, my body is not ready…


Reviews are starting to hit if anybody is interested:

Gamespot 10/10

Destructoid 8/10

Kotaku Yes

IGN 9.3/10


Wow, is this actually going to meet the crazy hype for this game?


That’s only like the 9th game to get a 10/10 on Gamespot since they started doing reviews.


You are correct, Sir. That last being Bayonetta 2. Here is the history of their 10/10 games in case anybody is interested:



Didn’t realize I was getting a steel case, let alone shipped separately. I guess I’ll take more junk though.


Man…why didn’t I get in on that steelbook? Seems to have only been a pre-order thing. It’s a beauty.


Oh what the balls? I paid $150 for my version and I didn’t get a steelbook either…


Nevermind, I’m a big ol’ dummy. Steelbook was underneath the regular case, I just wasn’t paying attention while I was feverishly mauling at the box getting the game out and into my PS4.


Where did you guys preorder and which one of you wants to sell me their steelbook case?


I can send you mine. I think it’s gorgeous, but I honestly wouldn’t give it the love it deserves. I forgot I even preordered until I got the shipping notice.

You got the soundtrack with your copy, right? I would be happy to send that too. I really wish I cared about game music more, but for some reason I just never pay enough attention to appreciate it.


@Rewfus, I mostly said that out of jealousy with a hint of seriousness. I couldn’t just take it from you, but would absolutely buy it off of you or something. I’m a steelbook nut.

I planned on picking up the game during lunch today but the PS4 version was sold out at the Best Buy/Target near my work. Did in-store pickup at one near my house, though, so I’ll complete the hunt tonight.


Where are my Witcher updates? I’m in Orlando through Saturday and need to live vicariously through you guys until I return.


This is the first entry in the series that I’ve given a shot. Started it on PS4 last night, but really only played some very early tutorial stuff. The game looks really, really great and I can tell that the art direction and amount of content is going to be top of its class. Seriously excited to explore the world.

Combat seems hard but fair, just as it should be. I feel like I don’t know exactly what I’m doing yet (multiple sword types, many different options for magic, etc…) but I know it’ll all click down the line and I won’t even think about it anymore. Again, I’m extremely early in my first playthrough as a Witcher newb.

So glad I picked this one up. So, so glad.


Easiest tips I can give you is –

1: Learn to dodge and roll. They don’t drain stamina, so you can do it as often as you want. Rolling moves you further than dodging.
2: Learn to use your signs when appropriate. Quen (the shield) is useful all the time, but sometime creatures can be weak or resistant to ones like Igni. You can check the weaknesses of monsters in the Bestiary.
3: Red health bar over enemy = steel sword, silver health bar = silver sword. Geralt will generally auto-draw the appropriate weapon.
4: Keep your weapons repaired. They will do less and less damage as they degrade past 50% condition.


@Threctory, these tips are awesome. I understood the healthbar thing right away but immediately fumbled back and forth between swords for a minute while being attacked by a pack of werewolf things. Had no idea the appropriate sword would be auto-drawn. That would have saved me some panic.

Jumping back in tonight, hopefully.


Are oils as big of a deal in this game? I really loved the combat in Witcher 2, the fact that you really had to prepare for each battle, but I remember hearing they might have dumbed it down a bit for this one.


Oils and potions still help a lot. After you have crafted each at least once, they will auto refill after you meditate, so long as you have enough alcohol. You can’t apply oils during combat though, so make sure you prep appropriately before facing a big bad.


I had no idea they were already releasing free DLC for this game. Just what I need for a 200+ hour game that I have spent about 5 hours playing, horse armor!

CD Projekt has also released a set of notes related to the upcoming 1.05 console patch. This list is notably shorter than previous updates:

  • Gold will no longer reset beyond 65535
  • Fixes lack of interaction with Roche on Oxenfurt Bridge in the quest ‘Get Junior’
  • Geralt’s clothes will no longer be wet after leaving the menu
  • The gate in the crypt now works correctly during the quest ‘Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear’
  • Fixes the endless loading screen when fighting the Ice Giant during the quest ‘Lord of Undvik’
  • Mutagen bonuses will now be saved properly.
  • Potion of Clearance will no longer be automatically placed into the quick slot if player runs out of other edibles
  • Fixes issue where some skills were not removed properly by Potion of Clearance
  • Improves stability in gameplay and the UI

Community manager Marcin Momot says that the next update will be significantly larger. We’ll update once 1.05 is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.