The Walking Dead (TV) [Spoilers lie within]

The Walking Dead (TV) [Spoilers lie within]
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People still watch this fucking show?

Also, Fear the Walking Dead is coming out this week.


So who gets dead at the end of season 6?

I didn’t really like the direction the characters were heading in the second half of this season. They really weren’t looking like the ‘good guys’ anymore with all the un-provoked killing.



Sorry Bimble, Mario and I are ruining things for you. Chris needs to get in here and keep it on track.



I’m sure Jon Bernthal is glad that he got killed off in Season 2 rather than to continue being punished like the rest of the cast.


I’m completely okay if this thread turns into a Coral/Dad Joke meme thread.

Having said that, it’s obvious that the camera man was who was killed.

This season has gotten REALLY bad about fake death cliffhangers (Glenn and Daryl). Somebody actually better have died this time or I’ll be pissed.


No season seven spoilers yet?


Kylo Ren kills Han Solo.


Bruce Willis was dead all along.

  1. I haven’t watched it yet.
  2. No one here cares.




Jaysus, that was a gory episode.


Sooooooooo Fear The Walking Dead is god damn fantastic. They have done almost a complete re-boot while keeping 4 of the original characters and boy has it worked. This season has been great.