The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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Divine Beast, got the Goro dude with me I shoot out of the canons, just have no idea where to shoot him at.


You’re supposed to use the cannons to shoot the Divine Beast so he moves up the side of the mountain.


Gotchya, I thought I was just using them to kill the guardians. I do like how this game doesn’t hold your hand at all, but I apparently wasn’t the only one stuck at this part as when you type in Death Mountain, Marker 9 is the first search result.


Yeah, I got stuck there too and did the same thing you did. I think it’s because after I used the first cannon to knock the bridge down, I just took off up the mountain and never noticed the Divine Beast swing into view.


Yeah, I feel like that part could use a little more direction.


Well, your Goron buddy says something about the beast launching fireballs down at you, but I just glazed over that.


OMG! This escort mission is the worst! Why did they have to put this one poorly designed mission in to the game, everything else is soooo polished. He won’t follow me unless I’m walking like a friggen snail.


He followed me fairly well. I would just tell him to stop and go when we needed to skirt the guardians. He does need to be within earshot to hear you whistle though.


Really happy to see this, for as much of a masterpiece this game is, the fact that the game freezes every time I knock down a Mobilin is pretty infuriating. Early reports on this patch sound promising.


Of course it gets patched the week after I beat it…


Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to let you know how silky smooth it runs now.


I’m not sure if Destructiod and Game Informer, or more in particular, CJ Andriessen and Kyle Hilliard, have beef with each other, but holy hell did CJ tear one in to Kyle in this article.

It’s not Breath of the Wild specific, but figured this was a good a place as any.


I mean, he’s got a point. That cover art is embarrassingly amateur.




So now the question I have to ask myself, do I pick this up and start over again now that I own a Switch?


A guide book and a physical map, but no DLC?