The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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Pretty much.


I ended up finding a horse about 2-3 times bigger than this one, and his canter is almost as fast, if not exactly as fast as the normal horses gallop speed. Only downside is that he’s too big to wear any special riding gear.


God, this game is so fucking good.


By the time I get around to buying this, I will probably have already convinced myself that I need the mobility of the Switch, so I’m sure it will be a $400 game for me.


To be honest, I haven’t felt like I was playing a “special” game in quite a long time. Same feeling as when I originally played Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 64. It’s that good. Worth $400.


Part of me is sad I got Zelda for Wii U, because when I pick up a Switch in the fall or whenever, I’ll have to play through Zelda all over again.

Oh well!


No story or boss related spoilers.




Alright, fine, at least this gives me an actual legitimate reason to return to a retail store that a I generally despise going to.



Alright, I bent, but I did not break. I got it for the Wii U. So, I have to know from you Link veterans out there, Hearts or Stamina? I almost always go hp first in any rpg i play, but this game uses stamina for EVERYTHING, that I went stamina first just so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on as much.


I added about a 1/2 ring of stamina before I got a couple more hearts past your initial 3. Although at that point I think I started cooking food that gave me bonus hearts so I just went straight stamina until about 2 1/2 rings worth.

Now, you’ll need a total of 13 hearts to receive an item later in the game, but there’s also a statue you can use to respec your vessels for a small cost, so I wouldn’t worry too much about min-maxing.


Good to know. The one thing that I can’t decide if I like or not so far in the game is that there seems to be absolutely no punishment for death, and the autosaves are so abundant, that I don’t think I have lost any progress in the dozen or so times I have died. Part of that is nice because you can explore with no consequence, but that also takes much of the excitement out of it.


I was just about to write this game off as overrated and empty until the compendium opened up for me. Now the sense of adventure is really picking up and I can see what all of the hype is about.

And I also made the greatest discovery of them all, the Wii U gamepad works in the nursery because it is directly above my gaming room!! Who needs a Switch to rock a baby to sleep while unlocking th secrets of Hyrule? Not this guy.


So, I’m guessing there is no storage system in this game, heh?


Nope. Gotta get them Korok turds to expand your weapon and shield inventory.


I’ll quote myself from Lifebar:

Finished after ~110 hours. While Breath of the Wild may not be the perfect “Zelda” game, it didn’t stop it from being a perfect experience.


Alright, I have done a good job of not looking up any solutions yet, but this Death Mountain cannon thing is just annoying me. Do you guys remember what you did on Death Mountain Marker #9, just what looks like a dead end side of the mountain with a cannon and nothing obvious to shoot at? Feel free to answer with a spoiler tag.


Are you just making your way up the mountain for fun, or are you going after the Divine Beast?