The Last of Us

This makes me very happy:

Left Behind acts as a prequel to The Last of Us and follows Ellie and her friend Riley. The content will be available on both PlayStation 3 and PS4 for $9.99. Naughty Dog will also lower the cost of the PS3 DLC to the same price as well.

As someone who beat it on PS3 I wasn’t about to fork over more money to buy the same game on PS4, but if I can just get the DLC stand alone, they can have my money.

Is this the DLC that was included in the PS4 release or is this new ?

It’s the stuff that was included in the PS4 release, so I know I could always just borrow yours, since I think you got the physical disk, but that’s so 2010.

Alright, if this doesn’t make you want to play through this game again, I don’t know what will.

I might actually watch this series if it’s done as well as the trailer. Something for Lap to strive for I guess.

I second that. Never got around to playing this DLC and hear it was great. Would love to pick it up for PS4!


Ugh. This reminds me that I own this for both PS3 and PS4, but have yet to even finish the main game, let alone the DLC. I wonder how many sick days I have.

So, uh, I finally bought this while it was on sale recently and finished it on Saturday.

Um… why didn’t anyone publicly shame me for not having played this yet? This was a phenomenal game and story!!! Why did I wait so long!!! I now have to play through the DLC, but I can’t stop thinking about the story and characters and how Joel became the villain in the end. Like, that entire final chapter was rough. I hated everything I was doing. And the final dialogue in the game… I can’t wait to see how that plays out in Part 2.

Seriously, Naughty Dog knows how to tell a story.

Yes, probably the most impactful game I have ever played. I also really need to play that DLC, which I never bought, but I think Bimble has the GOTY edition on disc or something that he might be able to loan me?

Depends on your POV in regards to the end.

Joel didn’t want to go through the loss of Ellie as he went through it already with his own daughter. Even though I think Ellie knew he was lying she accepted it because in some way she can give him back that loss of his daughter by staying with him and she gains a “father” in the process.
Whos to say that she is in actuality the only one who can be used as a cure? Selfish?
Perhaps. But maybe they would rather live in a fucked up world with each other as opposed to rebuilding a world without each other.

The DLC is great

That’s beautiful.

FWIW I totally sided with Joel and his decision.

This game wrecked me. But if I was faced with that choice and it was my daughter I would be a selfish asshole.
Especially after all they went through. They each had nobody else left in the world so what’s the point of going it alone.


I totally understand his reasoning. But Ellie had accepted her fate at that point and was willing to die for the cure. Joel made the decision for her while she was out cold. It was an impossible choice in the end and while I knew he had to do it for his own sanity, I felt like such a heel killing all the good guys looking for a cure.

Yeah, the “good guys”.

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Oh, and I finished Left Behind last night. That was one of the best pieces of DLC I’ve ever played.


This is the way.