The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2
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Ok, this isn’t official yet, but this is a pretty good slip up…

I don’t think anybody is surprised that they are making another, now we just need the details!


I don’t know. Not that a sequel to a popular game is out of the question, but I’m not totally sold on the ‘leak’.

Maybe internally “The first Last of Us” is the retail game and the DLC was the second. Or maybe he just flubbed his words.

But on the other hand, he did seem nervous after he said “The first Last of Us” and the dude on the left sounded like he was trying to help cover it up by moving the conversation to the DLC. :confused:


Yeah, he was showing all of the telltale signs that he f’ed up, from the body language to his buddy who was just giggling about this mistake. I don’t think there is any question that he was referring to something that he shouldn’t have, it’s just not really too news worthy at this point considering there are no details about the game itself.





Shit yes!


Yep, just as the first was the game of its generation, this will be the game of the current generation. Calling it now!


Pretty good theory I saw today about the game.

“I’m curious. How many people have theorized that Joel’s actually dead in this trailer and it was the Fireflies that killed him for the slaughter at the hospital and murder of Marlene at the end of the first? Hence this game being one big revenge story with Ellie killing Fireflies to find the person responsible for Joel’s death?”


Hmm, interesting theory. He does kind of walk out from the light when he is presented.