The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2
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The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2

First Released

October 13, 2017


PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4


Tango Gameworks



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Polygon - Philip Kollar | Review-In-Progress

I don’t know if The Evil Within 2 will be able to work this magic right up until the credits — which seem a lot further off than they did in the first game — but for now, I’m extremely impressed. The game just keeps tossing everything it has at me, and every time I think I’ve seen it all, it gives me some unique revelation, some dreadful apparition I’ve yet to encounter. That push and pull, between wanting to see what the game has in store next and being terrified to find out — that delightful feeling is why I play horror games, and so far this one is nailing it.

AngryCentaurGaming - Jeremy Penter | Wait For Sale | PC, PS4, XB1

This is actually a ‘Wait for Sale’ and to be honest, it is very close to a ‘Wait for Deep, Deep Sale’. Here’s why it’s not though: I actually enjoyed a great deal of what was going on with The Evil ^^^Enemy Within 2, it just felt like sometimes it was from two or three different games all mashed together. That didn’t necessarily stop that fun from happening, but it really does, as you’re playing it, remind you of just how cool it possibly could have been.

Stevivor - Steve Wright | 9 / 10 | XB1

It’s a solid, emotional romp filled with challenge and scares alike. It’s certainly recommended.

AppTrigger - Daniel George | 9 / 10 | PC

Whether it’s the variety of worlds to explore, monsters to slay, personalities to pontificate about or the added depths of survival gameplay, The Evil Within 2 will send chills down in more ways than one. Subverting the expected and expanding upon the familiar, it builds upon its own universe and gives the player more to think about once finished. Long story short; you’re in for a hell of a treat.

Windows Central - Paul Acevedo | 4.5 / 5 stars | XB1

The Evil Within 2 is a frightening game, though perhaps not as pants-wettingly scary as the early portions of Resident Evil 7. The game itself is improved nicely over the original, with a great open-world structure and lots of interesting missions to take on. The actual story is extremely compelling as we follow Sebastian’s journey towards redemption amid a world filled with both human and inhuman monsters. If you’re looking for a lengthy and frightening adventure this Halloween season, look no farther than The Evil Within 2.

GameCrate - Leo Parrill | 8.8 / 10 | PC

The Evil Within 2 improves on the sequel in every way, while retaining the core of what made the first one special. Better gameplay, better story, and more options make this an all around excellent survival horror experience.

Digital Trends - Steven Petite | 4 / 5 stars | PS4

The Evil Within 2 overhauls every aspect of the original to create a surprisingly adept sequel that makes us a hungry for more. Both gunplay and stealth have been refined and lend themselves well to the restrained open world format. Its surprisingly heartfelt narrative and many twist and turns round out the experience.

Game Informer - Suriel Vazquez | 7.8 / 10 | PS4

The Evil Within 2 is a solid horror game that expands the scope of the series to extend out of the shadow of a titan in the horror genre, even if it sometimes leans heavily on borrowed ideas. Its progression and difficulty curve create a satisfying loop that repays resourcefulness and strategy, but its set pieces and structure don’t build enough on the many ideas they borrow to make them feel new or interesting. The result is a ride that offers some fun thrills in the moment, but I don’t think I’ll lose too much sleep over these particular nightmares.

GamesRadar+ - Lucas Sullivan | 3.5 / 5 stars | PS4

Though it doesn’t outdo its predecessor, The Evil Within 2 delivers another fun, challenging, tense horror headtrip that should delight fans of the first game.

Game Revolution - Paul Tamburro | 3.5 / 5 stars | PC

There’s plenty tucked away in The Evil Within 2 that will both appeal to both fans of the original and new players, with it presenting a mix of Mikami’s best ideas and John Johanas’ new direction. It’s certainly not what I was expecting, but in a good way.

Attack of the Fanboy - Lewis White | 3 / 5 stars | XB1

The Evil Within 2 is just like its predecessor: a mixed bag. While it had the potential to be something absolutely brilliant, Tango Gameworks has attempted to both cram too much in and offer too little at the same time. It’s at its best when its following the same structure as the original; its linear campaign offers far more content and polish than its barebones open world and has obviously had a lot more effort poured into it. That said, if you still want a Resi-style survival horror game with some of the best art direction in the genre, The Evil Within 2 has you covered.


I’m assuming by your posting history, you will be checking this one out? I got the first one on sale a while back, about the time of year to check it out, heh?


Not myself, nah, but my roommate will be picking it up. He’s all about horror games. I’ve just been trying to keep on top of new releases.