The Avengers: Infinity War

The Avengers: Infinity War
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So I’m not going to spoil anything but it’s interesting the comparison made.

I knew about the comics and what happened, plus I had watched every trailer. My wife doesn’t know anything about the comics and only knew of Thanos from the post-credit scenes previously. She, also, successfully managed to not see a single trailer at ALL of the this movie and went in with a completely fresh mind. She’s not one to get emotional during a movie, but in one particular instance, it happened. She gasped and I knew it hit her.

She doesn’t know of the slate of movies coming out but after the movie ended, she asked me immediately what they were simply because we had watched Guardians of the Galaxy a few nights before and was now genuinely curious.

I had to explain the post-credit scene to her though. I can’t wait for her to see that movie, because there’s some casting choices she has no clue about yet.

She loved the film and didn’t mind the risks taken. In fact, we had waged that no more than 2 people would eat it in the movie. We agreed on 1 of them.

Also, that theory you guys have, she had it too. I never put that together, to be honest.


Was also thinking it might be possible for Thanos to be in the world of the Soul Stone as well at the end of the movie having been one of the those who turned to ash when he snapped his fingers. He said he was giving half the population mercy and an opportunity to start again. So maybe one half starts over again in the Soul Stone while the other half starts over again in the physical realm.


I was told from a “grown-ass-man” to be ready to shed some tears. I didn’t actually get hit emotionally, but I heard some audible sobbing in the theater around me. I think they did a pretty great job. I was a little scared by the mediocre reviews compared to recent Marvel movies, but totally enjoyed it and can’t wait to see it again.





84% on RT compared to 96% for Black Panther, 92% for Thor: Ragnarok, 92% for Spider-Man, even 89% for Doctor Strange. Guardians 2 sits at 83%, but I liked Infinity War more.

I know RT isn’t an iron-clad guarantee of quality, but it just seemed lower than I hoped for before seeing it. Now I have my own opinion and after one viewing I’d personally rate it higher than Guardians 2 or Doctor Strange.


Oh, see I don’t give two shits about the “critic” reviews on RT, I usually go by the audience scores.

Although I think Black Panther is scoring lower simply because of “social” stigma and internet trolls.


I’ll say this now… but apparently the loudest reaction during the movie was at the very end, during the credits and someone screaming: WAIT… VIN DIESEL IS GROOT!!!