The Avengers: Infinity War

The Avengers: Infinity War
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Alright, place your bets. Who gon die in this movie?

I’ll put my money on Iron Man.


I don’t think Iron Man goes in this one, but the next.

This movie: Hawkeye, Loki


Hawkeye is too easy. Loki - maybe. I think it has to be bigger than those two characters though.


RIP Captain America.


RIP Captain America, welcome Nomad.

I think Vision and Thor eat it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Black Widow dies, for some reason.




I probably should just avoid this thread for spoilers, huh? You guys might as well talk freely about it now that it’s out and anybody in their right mind has seen it.


Hot damn! Go see this movie now.

Thor is a fucking bad ass. First Ragnarok and now this. I really like what they’re doing with his character now.




My advice: see this movie immediately to avoid spoilers. They will be everywhere soon.



Okay, after several hours to think back on what I watched…

This isn’t an Avengers movie. This is a Thanos movie, and Josh Brolin is amazing.


My thoughts exactly.

There are so many heroes and they’ve all had time to tell their stories via individual movies, that they just seem to fly by in this movie. Thanos though, he easily has the most screen time. This is his “origin story” of sorts.


I have to agree with Jeff, this is a Thanos movie. The real Avengers movie comes out in 2019.

I really just want to know specific reactions across the board for the last 20 minutes of the film, because apparently these all vary WILDLY.

I do have to say though… my favorites in this film… holy shit… Thor by a fucking mile. Spider-Man. Mantis chewing up scenery in the background in several scenes.

Also, there’s a fucking wild cameo in this movie that blew my god damn mind.


Thought it was good.

Any scene with Thor and the Guardians was great.

Wasn’t a fan of all the Iron Man upgrades. Shit felt like a Transformer after a while.

Thanos was awesome. Plain and simple. Wish we could have had more back story and insight into his reasoning as opposed to so much face punching.

Overall though I enjoyed it a lot and for 2.5hrs it felt brisk.

More Rocket and Thor please.


I’d say we ended up with a healthy amount of backstory, considering there was roughly two dozen heroes sharing the same screen.



Yeah. This part shocked me because I loved the movie. And the people I went with loved the movie. So I recommended it to some friends and one… strongly disliked it based on the ending. And his reasoning almost made sense to me. But it all came down to what we carried with us into the theater.

Me, having come from a strong comic book background, new what the Infinity Gauntlet series was about. And this movie combines two comic book series—Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity—and does so really well given how the movie characters differ from their comic book counterparts and some of the main characters couldn’t be used. Silver Surfer, for one, was a BIG player in the comics, but until Disney fully buys Fox, he can’t be used. Hence, why Captain Marvel is going to be his replacement. Knowing her role for the next movie makes me more hyped for her standalone movie now.

And movie Thanos is a MUCH BETTER character than comic book Thanos. I was super impressed with how much personality and motivation was given him in comparison. It’s something DC villains never have. They are always generic CGI beasts. His scene with Gamora was super heart-wrenching. As was Stark’s final scene with Peter, the son he never had. But I digress…

And all the stones we saw taken had a test. Thanos sacrificing Gamora. Loki sacrificed himself for Thor. Strange spared Iron Man. Scarlet Witch sacrificed Vision. Gamora saved Nebula. The whole movie features the theme love and loss. Yeah, some of those losses will be reversed, but those characters don’t know that in that moment, and whatever happens next can only shape them from here on out.

I’ve heard some comments say this is this generation’s Empire Strikes Back and I can see that. It ends on such a downer. There were audible gasps in our theater when heroes started disintegrating. And the whole place was silent the rest of the movie up until the final end credits scene when everyone burst into applause seeing the new hope.

However, my friend had a completely different experience. He thought the end deaths were “cheap” because he knows the Marvel slate of movies for the next few years. Black Panther and Spider-man ARE going to be resurrected, so he thought their deaths were completely meaningless and done for shock and awe. But me, knowing the Infinity Gauntlet, EXPECTED most heroes to die and come back. That’s what happens in the comics. It doesn’t make those deaths meaningless. It’s what they do next that matters. And how this event changes the survivors.

And then there’s the child’s perspective. I’m going to copy/paste one comment from the thread we were discussing this in since I don’t have kids:

> My daughter, who is 10 years old, has never read a comic in her life, doesn’t know/care about the real world actors that play these characters, was emotionally devastated at the end of the film. She cheered and laughed, whooped it up during the whole film, but after The Snap, as events were unfolding, turned to me and said she hated the movie. Was muttering under her breath the whole time, probably something close to “This is bullshit”. We had to have a 20 minute discussion after the movie and I talked her off the ledge. She was ready to start an anti-Marvel campaign.

So, yeah. That ending is going to be divisive. But I think, once Avengers 4 is out, people will come back to this one and realize how awesome it is despite hating it at first. Just like Empire Strikes Back back in the 80s. I never hated that film either, but I’ve heard others did. At first.


The snap didn’t really have an emotional affect on me. Probably because I’ve seen the marvel release timeline. Does anyone really think that they’d let the billion dollar Blackpanther turn into ash? Avengers 4 is where we’ll get the real answers to who’s in and who’s out for the next phase of the MCU.



Also, I think that Gamora is in the Soul Stone or is the Soul Stone.


So. Much. This.

I kept thinking about the original Infinity Gauntlet and how the Soul Stone was integral to Thanos’s defeat. So, I do believe this is true.